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    Ensembl release 51 is out!

    20th November 2008

    ensembl logoThis in itself wouldn’t be so exciting, if it were not for the new webcode! If you do visit Ensembl now, you will be definitely surprised with the page loading speed – it is amazingly faster than it used to be! Also, as you dig deeper and deeper, you’ll see that there are a lot more other differences – starting with the new design, and not forgetting the changed page organization logic.

    To cut the long story short, here’s the list of changes in the new Ensembl 51 webcode release. Other changes to Ensembl in release 51 are also available.

    One of the new features which caught my attention is the ability to add custom tracks in Ensembl (which is a long-available feature in UCSC Genome Browser). Interestingly, you do not even have to be logged in to use this feature. We shall be considering providing the TFBS custom track for several species, as predicted de-novo by our evolutionary conserved tfbs search tool (binding site finder), but this is a long shot, given the already published COTRASIF development roadmap.

    There is one more great news which is kinda insufficiently highlighted: the brand-new Ensembl Genome Browser website, which (as planned, it hasn’t yet started operations) will provide access not only to vertebrates, but also to other taxonomy groups. The full list is:

    • Metazoa
    • Protists
    • Bacteria
    • Plants
    • Fungi

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