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    WolframAlpha: sophisticated online calculations resource

    29th June 2009

    If you ever need to glimpse at the properties of the Poisson distribution with lambda=0.16, or find the factorial of 6163338 (as a gamma function), then Wolfram|Alpha is a perfect tool for you (unless you have some math package at hand).

    The motto of Wolfram|Alpha is Making the world’s knowledge computable. Basically, it is like Mathematica plus a growing corpus of factual numeric data, plus a system to interpret user’s input. This is a nice online reference and computation platform.


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    CLANS: CLuster ANalysis of Sequences

    25th October 2008

    CLANS (CLuster ANalysis of Sequences).
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    COTRASIF: conservation-aided transcription factor binding site finder

    20th May 2008

    With this post, I’m finally announcing the opening of the (mostly) functional COTRASIF web-tool, created for the genome-wide identification of promoter regulatory sequences (transcription factor binding sits, TFBS). You can learn more from the About and Help pages. For an example of use, see the Supplement page (article is currently being prepared; as soon as it’s ready, I’ll make it available).

    If you are interested – have a look at the News page, where there is information on joining COTRASIF Google group. For non-public enquiries, please use my contact page.

    Note: the problem of identifying eukaryotic transcription factor binding sites stays acute for many years in a row – see e.g. the most recent Eukaryotic transcription factor binding sites – modelling and integrative search methods.


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    Need a computer science paper? Try SCIgen!

    9th December 2007

    Quite an entertaining story:
    SCIgen at wikipedia
    SCIgen tool
    SCIgen blog

    Finally, just a useful resource if you need a shiny name for your brand-new 2.0-beta project: anagram server.


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