Autarchy of the Private Cave

Tiny bits of bioinformatics, [web-]programming etc

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    About this blog

    This is a personal blog used to make notes on what I’m doing. What I do, usually concerns or is related to Debian GNU/Linux, bioinformatics, and some bits of scripting and programming in Python and R.

    A couple of posts on artificial intelligence were moved to a dedicated project

    Sometimes I write about social/political events in and concerning Ukraine, though not too often.

    I used to do some web-programming using PHP, MySQL, Drupal CMS, Linux servers configuration and maintenance. I’m coming back to web-programming, but this time using mostly Python and JavaScript.

    This blog is powered by WordPress. Design by Andreas Viklund. Ported to WordPress by Ainslie Johnson (who used to run, which is no longer online).

    All content, unless otherwise specified, is © Bogdan T., 2006 – 2015.

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