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    Spam Karma 2 (SK2) is a life saver plugin

    9th April 2008

    As an update to WordPress anti-spam plugins, I highly recommend Spam Karma 2. For a time, it seems to be the ultimate protection. I turned off all the other anti-spam plugins (including Aksimet), and everything’s just perfect! SK2 gathers up to a thousand spam comments/trackbacks during a single week on this blog, and I never had a complaint from blog visitors on their inability to add a comment (though some did have to fill in captcha to post a comment with links).

    And SK2 still works under WP 2.5! (SK 2.3 was released to support WP 2.1)

    Kudos to Dave!

    It would be a pity if this excellent plugin is abandoned and stops functioning in one of the upcoming WP releases.

    Update: SpamKarma is now GPL (at google code).


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    Comment referrers WordPress plugin

    27th February 2008

    Get it here.

    It adds Referrer of the person who’s leaving comment on your WP blog. May help to take the right action for seemingly legit, but really spam comments (e.g. if someone was just searching for blogs with enabled commenting to leave a comment with name linked to their biz-website).


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    AdRotator WordPress widget

    16th September 2006

    I stumbled upon a good tiny widget which allows to “rotate” chunks of HTML code in your sidebar (using wordpress widgets plugin).
    You may set up a couple of this rotators for different content types (e.g., text links, banners, google ads), and within each block put a number of alternatives, separated with a standard < --!more-- > tag (with no spaces, of course). Now each time when your page is shown, each instance of AdRotator will show one of the alternatives you put into it. Pretty simple and useful!


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