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    Does Google attack your servers, too?

    5th December 2009


    For about 2 weeks now, I am every day alerted of the suspicious behavior of some computer/server from the Google’s IP range:
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    Google barcode day: make one for your site/blog

    7th October 2009 barcode Today Google celebrates the invention of the barcode.

    To help in this celebration, you can make a barcode with your site’s address (there is at least one more at barcodesinc, but at the moment of writing it is painfully slow).

    I find these parameters nearly optimal:

    • Type: Code 128-B
    • Styles: Draw value text
    • Size: 234×60 (half-banner size)
    • Xres: 1
    • Text font: 5
    • Value: :)

    If you wish, you can also exactly replicate today’s Google logo – which says “Google”, as you could have guessed.

    You can place this barcode on your “souvenirs” – pens, cups, t-shirts. Many phones now have barcode scanners (e.g. Nokia E71), so put this code onto your namecard.

    Read on to learn about matrix barcodes.
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    Office Live Workspace vs Google Docs?

    24th January 2009

    It was only today that I’ve noticed Microsoft Office Live in Available updates (using Microsoft update). Curiosity led me to find out that Office Live is a suite of online word processor, presentation editor, spreadsheet and note-taking software, limited to a 500 MiB diskspace – free, developed by Microsoft. Office Live appears to be built on top of SharePoint.

    Main emphasis of their website is on collaboration and access from anywhere to your documents. Although Firefox (together with IE) is listed as a supported browser on XP/Vista/MacOS (Linux is not listed), there is a note that some Office Live features require ActiveX. So Office Live is not really a match for Google Docs in portability (quite expectedly).

    An update installs some new menu commands into Office XP/2003/2007, which allow working with Office Live from within your local M$ software.

    I wonder if there is already an OO extension which allows working with Google Docs :) – no more wondering, here it is (thanks Paolo!).


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    Google Chrome is not for Linux?

    4th September 2008

    I’ve tried it already under Windows, but as my main OS is Debian, I can’t use it :(

    You can sign up for updates on Linux version.

    After reading the Google Chrome book, it is a long time waiting for it to be released for Linux….

    Also, I’m looking forward for the plugins to enhance Chrome. Although it did import my settings/passwords(?!)/bookmarks from Firefox, but it has no Foxmarks, AdBlock and some other goodies I’m now used to on all the computers I regularly use.


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    Statistics of Google HDDs failures

    11th February 2008

    Failure Trends in a Large Disk Drive Population (or here, if that link doesn’t work)

    Worth reading for any IT guy, especially for people dealing with lots of HDDs.
    Also might be interesting for those, who have Gmail with (now) over 6GiB storage… :)


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    Google’s services are language-dependent

    28th November 2007

    If you want to fetch emails from some of your POP3-enabled mail accounts to Gmail, there’s a help article detailing the process. However, when using Ukrainian Gmail UI, clicking the link which should bring up the dialog box to add one out of maximum five Fetcher accounts, I got instead an offer to add the email address which I can use in the From field of my outgoing emails – and absolutely not a word about fetching emails from other POP3 accounts.

    When I switched to English (UK) UI, everything went just as described in the help article, and I added one address to fetch emails from.

    After fetching some mails, I switched back to Ukrainian UI, and – quite expectedly – the Fetcher part disappeared from the Settings/Accounts. Now I’m waiting to see if the Fetcher is nonetheless functional, or if it is also disabled… It’s functioning! So the only thing which was really changing in this case was the portion of the Settings/Accounts page not displayed while using Ukrainian UI.

    The moral of the story is: when you think that some functionality is missing in the Google service you’re using – just switch to English UI!


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    Ukrainian web-portal switched from own free email service to gmail

    30th October 2007

    Just a minute ago, I was shocked after logging in to instead of the bigmir’s own, HTML-only email interface, I got redirected at the gmail’s “Terms and conditions”, after accepting which I found my emails in the classic gmail mailbox.

    First thing to think about: at least they did transfer all my emails to the new account.

    Second: hey, they had given up their own email interface! Are they leaving the web-portal market of Ukraine? Was the part of their team (which later formed MI6) too important to handle their exodus with no consequences? Is that just a desire to give customers “better” interface and not invest anything into development?

    I hope this won’t be a trend, for every service to have Google behind their servers. Or even just behind the name, to avoid extra complexity of having a server.

    Finally, I think I’ll get used. But it was only yesterday, that I read the Google anti-utopia, where Big Brother’s name is (evidently) Google, and it’s webcams and microphones and search history define each person’s future AND guilt. Scary…

    And I wonder which will be the next service of, “outsourced” like their email.


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