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    How to fix: Xiaomi Mi Band stopped tracking steps and sleep

    26th July 2015

    Mi BandA few days ago, my Mi Band (version 1) stopped properly tracking sleep and counting steps. Here is a full list of symptoms:

    • synchronization appears to work correctly;
    • total count of steps is updated, but when you click it – there are no per-hour details;
    • in the older app version: after sync completes, there is no green message “Updated X items”;
    • night sleep tracker does not update at all: neither total hours slept, nor per-hour details;
    • the band is otherwise functional, e.g. “Find the band” works – it vibrates and flashes diodes.

    Warangelo00 found a solution, which worked for me (and no, you do not need to hard reset the device):
    note: the fix below will most probably not work for Mi Band 2, see comments; iPhone owners may try switching iPhone from AM/PM (12-hour clock) to 24-hour clock to fix the non-synchronization problems with MiBand2 – please write in the comments if this method works for you.

    1. enable Bluetooth, if it is disabled;
    2. start Mi Fit, go to Play –> Incoming call (or, in older app version, SettingsIncoming calls);
    3. enable it – set to On;
    4. now call your mobile phone from a different one – wait for the band to vibrate and flash lights;
    5. you should now be able to refresh Mi Fit main page, and see both current day and previous night per-hour details; in the older app version, it should also show the green “Updated X items” message after syncing;
    6. you can now disable incoming calls notification if you don’t need it.

    According to Holly, the trick may also work for Mi Pulse.

    Not sure if this fix will last, but it did help me – thanks, Warangelo00!


    51 Responses to “How to fix: Xiaomi Mi Band stopped tracking steps and sleep”

    1. juke Says:

      it worked for me! thank you

    2. Bogdan Says:

      you are welcome :)

    3. Jodi Says:

      Great fix!! Thank you!!

    4. wasiq Says:

      worked for me!

    5. Jo Says:

      Thanks – this seemed to clear the steps count it was stuck on and reset it to zero – seems to be counting again – thanks!

    6. Jenny Says:

      worked – simple fix – thankyou.

    7. Chris Says:

      It didnt work for me – anyone else have any other tricks? When I check the page, the battery is full, it can locate/vibrate my miband and the synching is up-to-date. Its just not recording any steps or sleep

    8. Bogdan Says:

      Chris, the only thing I can suggest is checking if your MiFit app is up to date – Xiaomi does update the app regularly (and these updates sometimes also bring band firmware updates with them).
      If updating the app does not fix the problem – then maybe try the trick from the post one more time… Have no other ideas right now.

    9. Greg Says:

      This trick worked for me. The app data hadn’t updated since Saturday.


    10. dio Says:

      did not work for me, any other ideas?

    11. Nuno Formiga Says:

      Worked for me Just now!

      Band didn’t record my sleep completely or correctly.
      It start at 2:11 AM and finish at 5:01 AM
      It also wasn’t record my steps.
      Last step record was at 5:00 AM when I was a sleep 

      My incoming calls was set to vibrate 5 sec after first ring, I’ve set to 3 sec.
      After doing this I try walking and it start record… didn’t download the steps I’ve done today.
      I assume it was just stuck.

    12. Marina Says:

      thanks a lot for this trick! it worked for me!

    13. Xunga Says:

      Hi there!

      It worked today 18-03-2016 on xiaomi mi band 1s (FW version:

      FRodrigues aka Th3On3.

    14. Sharath Nakka Says:

      Now track Sleep data in Day :

    15. Bogdan Says:

      Sharath, your tip makes no sense to me…
      My MiBand tracks my sleep without any problems or time limits – especially if I sleep more in the morning :)
      Haven’t tested after-lunch nap yet (can’t nap at work :) ),
      but the band did reliably detect when I was awake in the middle of the night one time, and then went back to sleep.
      It also seems to detect properly being taken off or being on a sleeping person.
      So I guess changing your phone’s timezone isn’t really necessary ;)

    16. abangel Says:

      work for me.. thanks

    17. Adk Says:

      worked for me. Thanks!

    18. Avinash Says:

      It started working, thanks a lot

    19. Rafael Says:

      Man! thank you !! such a simple solution. I was searching for `hard reset` and this solution is just what I needed!!!!!

    20. Natasha Says:

      Just received a Mi Band 2 and it doesn’t record steps. Tried this fix to reset the device with no luck.

      @Chris: Did you ever find a solution?

    21. Alex Says:

      not work for me ((((((((

    22. Bogdan Says:

      @Natasha – thank you for feedback, I have updated the post to mention that this fix will probably not work for Mi Band 2.

    23. Julian Says:

      My Mi Band 2 has same symptoms. The trick doesn’t work for me.

    24. evan Says:

      for mi band 2 try to turn off mi band display settings , lift wrist to browse info, you will see that it will record steps more accurately.

    25. Bogdan Says:

      Evan, thank you for your suggestion.

      As I don’t have the Mi Band 2, could you please clarify a few things for me? (I will then update the post.)

      - Does your suggestion fix the problem of not tracking steps and sleep?
      - I do not fully understand what you mean by “turn off display settings”, could you clarify?

      Thanks :)

    26. Holly Says:

      Just tried this on my Mi Pulse. Switched off vibrate notification for calls, closed app, reopened, switched back on and phoned my mobile. Now works great again. Thanks so much! Xxx

    27. razel Says:

      My Mi Band 2 has same symptoms. The trick doesn’t work for me.
      mi fit 1.2.5

      any ideas ?

    28. Manas Says:

      Actually worked !! surprised.

    29. Harsha Says:

      its not pair in my device when i used i don’t known that its work like this i uninstalled and installed again mi fit app what can i do its not charging not respond any thing please help me :(

    30. Ema Says:

      This worked. Simply wonderful

    31. Sean Hunt Says:

      Worked for me.
      Mi fit would pair with the phone but stuck on 23 steps.
      Enabled incoming call and called the phone making the Mi fit band vibrate.
      After that the band was registering steps as normal.

      Thanks for the tip.

    32. JP Says:

      Worked for me; Mi Fit was stuck on 121 steps for 5 days, and was not tracking my sleep. Thought it might have been low-battery related (50 days since last charge).
      “Play –> Incoming call –> On” (and calling the phone to make the Mi Fit vibrate) fixed the issue.
      Please note that “Incoming call” settings are now on the bottom middle “play” menu (app version 2.2.5), no longer in the settings.

    33. Bogdan Says:

      @JP, glad it worked and thank you for the feedback – I’ll update the post with the new location of this setting.

    34. J L Says:

      Thank you very much! It fixed the sync issue!

    35. JC Says:

      Got mine to work again following your instructions. (Had to do it twice, maybe the phone didn’t ring for long enough the first time or something) Thanks so much!

    36. Andy Bandy Says:

      I have found a fix for my MiBand2 not syncing data properly and sleep data not being shown in MiFit. My iPhone was set to am/pm. Switching the phone to 24hr format (via the iPhone’s settings screens) fixed the problem straight away. After the next sync, historic data showed up fine…

      It must just be a sw glitch with the app not allowing for a different time configuration.

    37. Bogdan Says:

      @Andy – thank you for sharing, I’ll add your method to the post.

    38. Romesh Says:

      Worked for me too… thanx a lot mate..

    39. Lidican Says:

      worked for me yay!

    40. LIBBY Says:

      Mine still doesn’t work after all tricks. I put it on charge last night, and now it won’t track steps (but does track sleep, heart rate and lets me know if someone calls). Help!

    41. Bogdan Says:

      @Libby, you have a different (newer) Mi Band. If you have an iphone, then maybe comment 36 will help you.

    42. sathwick Says:

      Worked ….thank you

    43. Bernice Says:

      My Mi Band 2 won’t detect me sleeping and stopped counting my footsteps. Please Help ;-;

    44. just me Says:

      You rock! It worked!

    45. wackee Says:

      worked for me – thanks!

    46. Manoj Says:

      After getting mifit 3.0 on my android, my mi band-1 acting weird. It connects and count daily step but it’s blank under activity. Same with history…..there is nothing on history for 7 days since I got mi fit 3.0 and upgraded firmware. Sleep isn’t working as well. It’s not recording sleep at all. I tried the above trick, time trick, went back to prior versions of mifit, unpair-pair, uninstall-reinstall, cashe clear, data clear, reset Bluetooth – nothing seems to work. Any help? Is it the band itself or the app? Wrote to xiomi and no response either.

    47. Gabriel Costa Says:

      Thanks! Worked to me, change the clock from am pm to 24h. I’m using an iPhone 6s+ and Mi band 2.


    48. Jaquline Says:

      Thanks a ton, This worked for me as well. That was soo rediculus to enable phone call and the make a call from another number then it started working :)

      Thank you,

    49. Gondor Says:

      Thanks! Worked to me and my problem (stop counting steps)

      Thank you!

    50. SAM Says:


      I have Mi Band 2 with Mi Fit 4.0.0 it was working fine until last week were it was stuck in 0 steps and it is not tracking sleep anymore

      heart pulse is working fine and time can also be synchronized without problem.

      I’ve tried your solution and i’ve found that the band was on do not disturb mode and now it accepts and vibrates when incoming calls but still not counting steps :(

      does anyone have solved this issue ?

    51. Charlotte Semaan Says:

      it worked for me today for a mi fit band version 1 paired on a Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite phone, Android 9 software, and mi fit app version 4.0.15..
      my band wasn’t monitoring my steps and sleep it’s been around 2 weeks even though it’s charged and paired..
      thank youuuuuu..

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