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    WD Red price per terabyte in Europe in May 2016

    18th May 2016

    Prices were collected on May 18th, 2016, from

    Price per terabyte of WD Red HDDs

    Capacity, TB
    Price, EUR

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    Statistics of Google HDDs failures

    11th February 2008

    Failure Trends in a Large Disk Drive Population (or here, if that link doesn’t work)

    Worth reading for any IT guy, especially for people dealing with lots of HDDs.
    Also might be interesting for those, who have Gmail with (now) over 6GiB storage… :)


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    Recommended software: Sequoia View

    5th May 2007

    I think Sequoia View is a must-have utility program.
    “Why?” – you may ask.

    Because it lets you actually see you hard disk hogs. With this program you will know exactly which files/folders occupy too much hard disk space to keep them any longer.

    The program is free, latest version is 1.3 and it was released in November 2002. However, WinXP is supported (don’t know about Vista).

    See this page for more information and the download link.

    Alternatively, contact me and I’ll try to mail you the setup program (which is circa 500KB).

    Update: SequoiaView appears to ignore files larger than or equal to 4 GiB. Please comment to prove or disprove.

    Update 2: here’s a KDirStat-based alternative, WinDirStat.


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