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    PHP proxy

    19th September 2007

    PHP proxy is simple but good. I converted it into a proxy-function for one of my projects.

    Do pay attention to the comments, especially these two:

    I had issues with this script (and others) returning 0 for the bytesTotal in flash. Basically, the Content-Length header was absent from the response. By simply adding
    header(“Content-length: “.strlen($response)) before the echo, it resolved the issue. I don’t know if there is a more appropriate fix to account for character encoding, etc, but it seems to work.

    @Schimmi: Well, if you can add some checks there (like who is referring your script) and allow the access to whitelisted clients (served from your domain)… I think, you can totally make it used applications from same-domain….So it would not be open to world. Yeah above script doesn’t have those things.


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