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    22nd May 2007

    Came across project. It’s free for private, non-commercial use.
    Citing the site: is an experiment in a technique for conserving network bandwidth. If you are paying a fee based on the amount of data you transfer (e.g. 3G/GPRS/DSL/CDMA) and have monthly download limit, or if you have narrowband connection (e.g. dialup modem) then you are most likely to appreciate the service offers. There are number of client application packages. All solutions are 100% Java based and therefore this service can be used on any platform with an installed Java Runtime Environment, including mobile phones. what it is good for?

    • expensive transports (e.g. GPRS, CDMA…)
    • narrowband or slow connections (e.g. dial-up)
    • stretching download limits

    Why is different?

    • cross platform
    • built from open source components
    • allows to compress virtually any traffic

    As soon as I switch to some java-enabled personal communication device, (and if will still exist by that time :) ), I would definitely try it. Or if I switch to some speedy but traffic-limited internet-access provider.


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