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    SPA (Snap Preview Anywhere) WordPress Plugin

    3rd January 2007

    More and more often I came across “snap previews” appearing on the links in other blogs. So I decided to try it on my blog as well…

    The Snap Preview Anywhere is a WordPress Plugin to display those previews. The actual service, providing the previews, is They also offer the FireFox Snap search engine (top-right in FF), though I don’t quite get it’s intended purpose…

    The plugin page has all the necessary instructions (and even more), so won’t copy-paste here.

    The only unanswered question is “Does my blog really needs this?”.
    I’ll let it be for the time being… if it gets too annoying, will remove. Please comment if you think that snap previews do help somehow, and if you think that “useless” is not about snap previews.

    Update: snap preview anywhere is annoying, if used on all the links. So I decided to leave SPA on for external links only, and (thanks to the new version 1.2) now the preview appears only when hovering the tiny image to the right from the link itself. This is now much less annoying, but still allows to see the preview of the linked page, if you desire to do so.


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