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    Simple way to identify your life mission

    8th January 2007

    If you happen to have no idea what would be interesting for you to do in life, you may try the method described below.

    It is utterly simple.

    • First, find some list of holy grails (or problems humanity is facing). Read it, and define the top three items which were interesting for you.
    • Find out more about each of the items.
    • And, finally, think if you could devote at least 5 years of your life to solving any of the chosen problems.

    Of course, you have to take into account your real current abilities, and the approximate limits of your ability to learn new data and methods.

    If you already had some ideas on what’s your mission, then most probably the three chosen problems will somehow relate to what you expected.

    If you were “completely clean” – this is a good and really simple starting point.

    Personally, I learned a couple of new challenges humanity has that I didn’t even hear of before… So even if there is no need for you to “find the life mission”, it might still be interesting.

    For all others – good luck in searching for your life mission!


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