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    Must-have WordPress plugin: Sidebar Widgets

    15th September 2006

    Probably you already know and use it – but I started using it just today.
    As expected, this plugin is amazing!

    It’s main concept is to allow WordPress administrator to use GUI in the admin panel to place new plugins in the arbitrary locations in sidebars (and not only sidebars, but that requires a bit more work), so you don’t have to modify your sidebar.php with each new plugin installed.

    The actual power of Sidebar Widgets (aka WordPress widgets) is not restrained by the sidebar – the “readme” file of the plugin distribution archive provides hints and ideas on how this plugin could be used. I suspect that Widgets might become the base for the further development of many other plugins and WordPress core as well.

    So hurry to the WordPress Widgets homepage, grab one, and install as usual. You might need to modify your theme, if it doesn’t support Widgets, but this process is well documented in the “readme” and should be fast and easy to complete.

    You will surely enjoy this new experience, if you hadn’t yet!


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