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    ClustrMaps: geo-tracking visitors

    9th December 2006

    I decided to try the ClustrMaps service – they offer a mini-map of geographical locations of your site visitors (you can see a sample at the bottom of the right sidebar and of this post… currently no ‘dots’ there, as it is freshly installed). Registration is simple. If you have Sidebar Widgets plugin, you will only need to add ‘Text’ block somewhere, and paste in the code provided at ClustrMaps admin page.

    Locations of visitors to this page

    Somewhat useless, especially when you already have Google Analytics running for your site (it has a very similar to ClustrMaps’ geo display… as if it might be different :) ). The good thing is that this geo-statistic is public.

    Note, that free ClustrMaps is limited to 2500 visitors a day, and you are obliged to make the thumbnail map visible (no hidden counters). Of course, there are also paid versions – ClustrMaps+ and ClustrMaps Pro. Find more details yourself at ClustrMaps.


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