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    Should wives entertain husbands?

    12th December 2006

    Recently (November, 30) I posted a poll in the left sidebar, asking “Should wives entertain husbands?”.

    Unexpectedly for me, the poll got over 100 votes in less than two weeks. Probably this is because I moved the poll higher in the left sidebar, or probably the question was just much easier than the previous one (which was “What is PEAR?”, with clearly ambiguous answer options ;) ).

    This way or that way, today I deactivated the poll. Here are the results:
    Yes! – 100 votes (98%)
    Why not? – 2 votes (2%; both mine)
    Not funny: 0
    No!: 0
    Die, shovinist!: 0

    Well, it is largely accepted that females are under-represented in the Internet. Thus, poll results might be attributed to bias in respondents gender distribution. Anyway, I’ll consider moving AdSense to the place where poll was, to find out if that higher position if clicks-favourable :)

    Another poll which I will add in a minute, will be:
    Should husbands entertain wives?
    Why not?
    Not funny

    If you can’t see the poll in the left sidebar – scroll down. Usually I let visitors to add their own answer options…

    The new poll will be deactivated as soon as it gets 100 or more votes. Of course, I’ll post the results, if they will be at least somewhat interesting.

    Update: poll removed, this question wasn’t popular at all. It might be also that googlebot was “voting” in the previous poll – my stats show that the “yes” answer link was a bit too often used by googlebot….


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