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    Geo-tracking visitors, part 3

    7th March 2007

    Just came across yet another geo-tracking visitors service. (For two more, see my previous posts on ClustrMaps.)

    This solution – Geo Visitors – like MapStats, is GoogleMaps-based.
    Unlike MapStats, though, Geo Visitors does not provide any extra information on the request generated from the tracked visitor location.
    You only get the “View in GoogleEarth” link with coordinates, and that’s it.

    After I installed GoogleEarth, the geovisitors.kml file was downloaded and happily opened by GoogleEarth.
    Well, I can only say that Geo Visitors works – I didn’t check if it’s more or less precise than MapStats.
    However, as for web-site visitors geo-tracking, I prefer MapStats – just because they show additional information, such as referrer, browser, exact page visited, cookies and java state – and all in one pop-up balloon.

    Please comment and let me know, if there are any other (better) services.


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