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    Unix sex and Linux command reference

    5th January 2009

    Unix SEX :{ look; gawk; find; sed; talk; grep; touch; finger; find; flex; unzip; head; tail; mount; workbone; fsck; yes; gasp; fsck; more; yes; yes; eject; umount; makeclean; zip; split; done; exit:xargs!!;)} (source: someone’s signature in the Debian mailing lists).

    download Unix/Linux command reference by Jacob Peddicord/


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    Vista Ultimate has a Linux benefit

    12th September 2008

    One of the benefits, offered exclusively by the Windows Vista Ultimate (not even by the Windows Vista Business), is

    running UNIX applications (via SUA, Subsystem for UNIX Applications) , which provides higher flexibility for Windows workstations.

    Where is the world going? :)

    And how soon will all the Windows users (not only Ultimate Users) benefit from the higher flexibility by running UNIX applications? :)


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    Developing reluctant (pessimal) algorithms

    13th April 2008

    If you had some programming experience – read it here. Otherwise ignore, it’s targeted for a narrow group.


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    Need a computer science paper? Try SCIgen!

    9th December 2007

    Quite an entertaining story:
    SCIgen at wikipedia
    SCIgen tool
    SCIgen blog

    Finally, just a useful resource if you need a shiny name for your brand-new 2.0-beta project: anagram server.


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    Is the force with you?

    12th August 2007

    Today, after starting ./configure to make one of the programs, I noticed this in the logs:
    is the Force with you? configure will tell!

    I don’t know what is that intended to mean, but this is definitely funny: configure script, able to detect if the Force is with Skywalker…


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    Humorous criticism of web-development frameworks

    15th March 2007

    Why I hate frameworks? by Benji Smith. Recommended to anybody involved in web-development and familiar with the concept of web-development frameworks. (For the serious stuff, see my post on Why Zope 3 is just great.)


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