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    Google barcode day: make one for your site/blog

    7th October 2009 barcode Today Google celebrates the invention of the barcode.

    To help in this celebration, you can make a barcode with your site’s address (there is at least one more at barcodesinc, but at the moment of writing it is painfully slow).

    I find these parameters nearly optimal:

    • Type: Code 128-B
    • Styles: Draw value text
    • Size: 234×60 (half-banner size)
    • Xres: 1
    • Text font: 5
    • Value: :)

    If you wish, you can also exactly replicate today’s Google logo – which says “Google”, as you could have guessed.

    You can place this barcode on your “souvenirs” – pens, cups, t-shirts. Many phones now have barcode scanners (e.g. Nokia E71), so put this code onto your namecard.

    Read on to learn about matrix barcodes.

    qrcode for may also investigate further into matrix/2D codes, which may contain much more information. To the left is the QR code of my blog’s address – try and scan it with your cameraphone! Or make one for yourself.

    Here’s an encrypted message:

    datamatrix are many types of matrix/2D barcodes. QR code (above), datamatrix (left picture) and Semacode (right picture) were all successfully recognized by my phone.



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