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    Office Live Workspace vs Google Docs?

    24th January 2009

    It was only today that I’ve noticed Microsoft Office Live in Available updates (using Microsoft update). Curiosity led me to find out that Office Live is a suite of online word processor, presentation editor, spreadsheet and note-taking software, limited to a 500 MiB diskspace – free, developed by Microsoft. Office Live appears to be built on top of SharePoint.

    Main emphasis of their website is on collaboration and access from anywhere to your documents. Although Firefox (together with IE) is listed as a supported browser on XP/Vista/MacOS (Linux is not listed), there is a note that some Office Live features require ActiveX. So Office Live is not really a match for Google Docs in portability (quite expectedly).

    An update installs some new menu commands into Office XP/2003/2007, which allow working with Office Live from within your local M$ software.

    I wonder if there is already an OO extension which allows working with Google Docs :) – no more wondering, here it is (thanks Paolo!).


    2 Responses to “Office Live Workspace vs Google Docs?”

    1. Paolo Says:

      Of course the answer is yes; you can download it here:

    2. Bogdan Says:


      thanks! I’ve already installed it, as I’m a frequent GDocs user :)

      before installing, had to set “Tools -> Options -> Java —> Sun Java”, otherwise it wasn’t installing.

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