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    What is in 2016 for you and me and everyone?

    26th December 2015

    There will be 366 days in 2016 (yes, a leap year). 366 steps towards your goal. That’s a lot! With the right goal and persistence, a lot can be done and achieved.

    There are lots of good, real, helpful self-development/self-improvement techniques. These can often be practiced non-stop in one’s everyday life. These can often also be practiced in parallel, for a likely synergy.

    There are lots of success books and biographies of successful self-made people. Some stories are quite well-known, while some remain hidden gems. Likely enough reading for several months, non-stop!

    There are many good books on business, data analysis, engineering, software development, and other fields. Likely many years of reading non-stop!

    Some people say that in 5 years one can master a common subject of choice good enough to become an expert. Others point out that many activities (and their co-activities) can be monetized or turned into profitable versions of said activities.

    All in all, the only thing required is action.

    Which books do you have on your 2016 reading list?
    What is the field you will be an expert in by 2021, assuming you start in 2016?
    Information consumption aside, what will you produce in 2016? What will be your actions?


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    Farewell, Xmarks: you were excellence itself

    30th September 2010

    Sadly, Xmarks plans to stop providing synchronization services on January 10, 2011.

    As a long-time user of Foxmarks – and then Xmarks – I am truly sorry to see Xmarks go prepare to go. That was a wonderfully simple idea, and it was wonderfully implemented.

    If you read Founders at Work, you will find familiar names in the calm and fairly detailed history of how Xmarks got from prototype to a startup and then to the end. I recommend reading Xmarks good-bye post even if you never used this time-saving, data-organizing, safety-bringing software-and-service. That post comes right from the heart in its true honesty and let’s make the world better startup spirit.

    Thank you, Xmarks. Thanks for the idea, for the software, for the service, for the well-ahead warning, and for the concern about the synchronization needs of your current users. And I still hope there’s a good exit deal waiting for you.

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    Recommended: On Basilisk Station (by David Weber)

    8th August 2010

    I definitely enjoyed this high-quality book. It provides enough details to vividly imagine all the people and events, but that is not the main reason I like it. The main reason is duty (or, to be more precise, military duty, albeit highly civil-oriented). Due to high level of details, some may find this book boring – but not those who can remember all the details of what they’ve ever seen.

    I would even call this a heroic novel, as heroism (together with duty, persistence and high morals) best describes the actions of Captain Honor Harrington.

    I found both a PDF version here (provided by World Public Library Association), and an audio-book here, although I’m not sure those copies are legitimate (i.e. not pirate copies violating international copyright treaties). Use at your own discretion, or just buy a paperback.

    This book happens to be the first in Honor Harrington series. I haven’t yet seen other books or reviews thereof, but this one is definitely worth reading on its own.


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