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    R under Debian testing/i386: permanently set pdfviewer option

    21st October 2009

    If you get this message when opening vignettes:

    Error in openPDF(vif) :
    getOption(‘pdfviewer’) is ”; please use ‘options(pdfviewer=…)’

    and you are tired of running this command every time:

    > options(pdfviewer=”okular”)

    then you should check if your system-wide Renviron file has proper PDF viewer set:

    grep -i pdf /etc/R/Renviron

    ## Default PDF viewer

    It wasn’t in my case.

    To set one, either edit the system-wide Renviron (e.g. by editing the R_PDFVIEWER=${R_PDFVIEWER-”} line to look like R_PDFVIEWER=${R_PDFVIEWER-’/usr/bin/xdg-open’} – this will use MIME types to open your preferred PDF viewer), or one of the per-user/per-directory Renviron files to fix this minor annoyance (format is the same, e.g. R_PDFVIEWER=okular ).


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