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    Panda USB and AutoRun Vaccine against autorun.inf viruses

    11th April 2009

    Linux users are not affected with a plethora of autorun.inf “viruses”, but that seems to be a real plague for Windows users.

    Ideologically correct solution is offered by Panda software – a free Panda USB and AutoRun Vaccine. It can do two things for your Windows box:

    1. with a single click disable auto-execution of programs from USB sticks and CDs/DVDs, and
    2. with one more click – make the autorun.inf file on your pendrive inaccessible, so as to prevent infecting your USB stick with an “autorun.inf virus”.

    Program does not require installation, but requires Administrator privileges. It supports FAT/FAT32 pendrives, but NTFS-enabled version is being tested and should be made available shortly.

    Note, that if you perform step 2, re-enabling access to autorun.inf may require pendrive formatting. Also, after step 1 your favourite CDs and DVDs won’t start automatically anymore – but you will be able to start them manually.

    And, of course, Linux users have nothing to worry about (yet).


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