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    Windows XP Home Edition: gpedit.msc (group policy) editing via registry

    15th November 2007

    It is possible to install gpedit.msc snap-in for MMC in Windows XP Home Edition. I found the list of necessary files on (in French), which also had the archive of all the necessary (again, French) files and the installation batch-file.

    Warning: you proceed at your own risk. If you do not know what you are doing – please don’t :)

    Download (original) French

    Download English gpedit for windows xp (also in 7zip archive).

    Here are instructions for manual MMC snap-in installation. Original French-version archive had a batch file which does installation automatically, which I also added to the English archive (gpedinst.bat). But you must manually verify that batch file fits your system before running it! It might be safer to follow the instructions manually.

    • Put these files:


      into %SystemRoot%\system32 folder (most often it’s just c:\windows\system32)

    • put these files:


      into %SystemRoot%\system32\GroupPolicy\ADM\ (create if this folder doesn’t exist)

    • finally, run these commands one by one in the CMD window:

      regsvr32 gpedit.dll
      regsvr32 fde.dll
      regsvr32 gptext.dll
      regsvr32 appmgr.dll
      regsvr32 fdeploy.dll

    That should make gpedit.msc callable as Start -> Run -> gpedit.msc.

    Other language versions of the necessary files can be retrieved from corresponding-language installations of WinXP Professional; English version can also be downloaded directly from Microsoft website ( e.g. here , or search for “Group Policy ADM Files” at Also, you can extract necessary files from available Windows distributions: just don’t forget, that “filename.dl_” is a compressed version of “filename.dll”, and can be uncompressed by using XP-bundled extract command.

    See also this comment for alternative gpedit installation (get the file from badongo first), and also this comment for one more explanation of manual installation.

    Geeks corner:

    1. a comprehensive list of the “Group Policy/User Configuration/Administrative Templates” settings in Windows XP Home Edition
    2. an extremely comprehensive Excel sheet, which maps numerous *.adm-file options to their registry equivalents – Group Policy Settings Reference (PolicySettings.xls). This file is for Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows 2003

    Disclaimer: I do not know if modifying (e.g. by adding gpedit) your WinXP HE is a violation of any EULAs. It’s your own responsibility to check this out and comply with any such regulations. Also, be advised that modifying any settings using gpedit.msc on WinXP HE may render some parts of the OS inoperable (in my opinion). You have been warned!


    91 Responses to “Windows XP Home Edition: gpedit.msc (group policy) editing via registry”

    1. How to remove new folder exe or regsvr exe or autorun inf virus | am i works? Says:

      [...] XP Home Edition user you might not have gpedit.msc in that case download and install it from Windows XP Home Edition: gpedit.msc and then follow these [...]

    2. » How to remove new folder exe or regsvr exe or autorun inf virus My Marketing Secrets: All about marketing,advertising,trading,seo,ppc Says:

      [...] XP Home Edition user you might not have gpedit.msc in that case download and install it from Windows XP Home Edition: gpedit.msc and then follow these [...]

    3. uma Says:

      i am sufferring from newfolder.exe and regsvr.exe please give me suggestion how to clean

    4. Bogdan Says:

      you’ll need to search for the solution.

      I’ve seen several solutions referring to this page, but this page itself is for the installation of Group Policy Editor in WinXP HE, not for fixing the “newfolder.exe” problem.

    5. AntivirusExpert Says:

      I was looking for a way to enable gpedit.msc in XP Home because I want to help out a person suffering from Antivirus XP 2008 which screwed up the desktop settings. Will try this trick with gpedit files as suggested. Thanks for sharing!

    6. yp_taiwan Says:

      I got the info from this Chinese site, tried, and it worked: I backuped before trying that, though. Here is the download site from badongo: The README.TXT is in Chinese and I’m translating now. Will post later.

    7. yp_taiwan Says:

      Basically, the files you download from the above badongo site copy files from XP Pro to XP HOME. Here are the steps:

      1. Download files from
      2. You’ll see 15 files including gpedit.bat and README.TXT, etc. Double click the gpedit.bat. You’ll be prompted RegSvr32 saying xxx.dll worked/registered successfully (in Chinese), click OK. Then it’s done.
      3. Go to START > RUN and type gpedit.msc and see.

      For those who do not want to run this gpedit.bat, I suggest you do the following steps manually (get a XP Pro installation CD first).

      Translation of README.TXT
      This gpedit.bat does the following:
      1. Copies these files : gpedit.msc、fde.dll、gpedit.dll、gptext.dll、wsecedit.dll from“C:\WINDOWS\system32”of XP
      Professional to this directory of XP HOME:“C:\WINDOWS\system32”.

      2. In START>RUN, run thiese commands:“regsvr32 fde.dll”,“regsvr32 gpedit.dll”,“regsvr32 gptext.dll”,“regsvr32 wsecedit.dll.

      3. Replace *.adm of XP Professional from its“C:\WINDOWS\INF”to“C:\WINDOWS\INF” of HOME.

      4. Lastly, in SRART>RUN, run “gpedit.msc”.

      >>> Obtained info from posted by ryan17172003 2007/11/11 <<< thanks.

    8. Bogdan Says:


      didn’t instructions in my post work for you?…

      anyway, thanks for the additional source (and translation) for desperate WinXP HE owners ;)

    9. Tim Says:

      I have successfully copied all of the necessary files but when I run regsrv32, the DllRegisterServer fails as below.

      The only dll that registers is pgtext
      appmgmnts – dll loaded but regservr entry point not found
      appmgr, fde – error 0x800703fb
      fdeploy, gpedit – error 0×80040201

      Any clues?

    10. Bogdan Says:


      “copied all” – from the install disk? if yes – did you first “extract” the dlls, or just renamed them (changing last underscore to “l”)?

      other than that – maybe you already have those dlls on your system? I can’t lookup error descriptions for the error codes you provided – sorry, so it’s only my guesswork.

    11. How To Install Group Policy Editor | am i works? Says:

      [...] As I had already mentioned in my first newfolder.exe virus removal article you can download the french version of gpedit.msc from [...]

    12. rashmi Says:

      i am havin vista home premium can it be installed in my PC, even my PC is suffering from antivirus XP 2008

    13. cuxzs Says:

      that work but not support with WIN HE.

    14. kenny Says:

      well…. i tried the manual way, and tried to batch file in chinese….however i continuously get the error message saying that

      “the file does not exist, is not an MMC console, or was created by a later version of MMC. This may also be because you do not have sufficient rights to the file.”

      i have sufficient rights, the file is there, and in the properties dialogue box of the gpedit.msc file it describes the file as being an MMC console file and i am using an Administrator account and even checked to make sure that the file was not read-only.

      so as far as having an updated version of the gpedit.msc….i dunno….

    15. Bogdan Says:


      did you try opening that gpedit.msc directly via mmc? (that is, launch MMC, File->Open and find gpedit.msc).

      Try to re-download that single gpedit.msc file, and check if you have latest updates to your WinXP HE.

    16. kenny Says:

      no, i did not try that.

      but also, now i am having more problems.

      now that i tried installing the gpedit for winxp he, now my search assistant has been damaged (or so it says), i cant play one of my favorite games, Gunz. It gives me a runtime error, saying that this application has requeswted the runtime terminate in an unusual way (im not sure if it is just the game or if the gpedit thing messed it up, but it happened after i tried instaling gpedit)

    17. coencramer Says:

      eng version

    18. kenny Says:

      i tried installing that version just now. ….it gives the same results.

      i wouldnt mind just reversing all of this….but i had system restore turned off….and now i cant turn system restore back on because it keeps giving me errors….

    19. kenny Says:

      that just redirected me to this page…. that was completely useless

    20. Bogdan Says:


      I strongly suspect that your problems are due to a malware/virus activities and not the gpedit.msc installation.

      However, it is quite simple to reverse changes. Important: I didn’t try that! (consider this a disclaimer)

      To “unregister” all the DLLs registered, do this:
      regsvr32 /u gpedit.dll
      regsvr32 /u fde.dll
      regsvr32 /u gptext.dll
      regsvr32 /u appmgr.dll
      regsvr32 /u fdeploy.dll

      After this, you can (optionally) remove
      from %SystemRoot%\system32\GroupPolicy\Adm\

      Finally, you might want to clean up your system (optionally) by removing
      from windows\system32 folder.

      These steps effectively reverse the changes introduced by the gpedit.msc installation.
      However, some of the removed files might be needed by the system, and if you delete them it might complain about missing files or just malfunction in some aspects. So make a backup and be sure you can use it.

      Finally, I do not believe this will solve your problems – as I said at the beginning, it’s likely that malware/viruses found home on your PC.

    21. kenny Says:


      thank you for your time in attempting to help me, however, i have already tried this. Also, i know for a fact that my computer is clean, as i monitor malware activity very closely with multiple programs and observances, so im not worried about malware at all.

      unregistering the files and delting them did me no good.

      In resolution, my game did end up begin working again after the makers made an update….so it could have been a problem on my part AND their part.

      the only thing that is not working currently is the help assistant….which i use to clean my computer, but it isnt a huge problem, and i dont have a windows recovery disc, so i have given up on that. I need a new computer anyays, as everything is failing on it, and it would be more cost efficient to just buy a new one.

    22. unlockgoogle Says:


      administrative templates > system >disable registry editing tool

      start up tab …..remove regsvr.exe>dont restart comp…

      control panel..>Scheduled Tasks..>remove other than “add Scheduled Task”

      search in your system…regsvr.exe and newfolder.exe..all folder.exe files…file size is nearly 603kb….delete all…

      ****dont delete other exe files…
      ****dont delete regsvr32.exe files…

      search regsvr.exe in regedit….
      delete all…

      **** dont delete regsvr32.exe files…

      ***do yourown risk…this procedure have given good result to me….>>>

    23. mark Says:

      I am trying to use the gpedit to tweak the bandwidth limits on XP Home. Any idea on how I can follow the menu tree below in the French version?

      “Follow this path: Local Computer Policy>Computer Configuration>Administrative Templates>Network>QoS Packet Scheduler>Limit Reservable Bandwidth>. If it’s disabled or not configured, change the settings like the one below:”

      Thanks for the help

    24. Bogdan Says:


      if you had given a link to a screenshot, I would try guessing :) (my French knowledge is basic).

      …or just try guessing yourself – that’s pretty easy, believe me – lots of common word parts.

      …or grab English equivalents of the files you used, to get the texts “translated”.

    25. swiss420 Says:

      I tried the above instructions and it “worked”. Meaning I can open over the mmc the gpedit.msc and have all the adm Templates load. What’s not working is the “Richtlinienergenissatz” (Sorry for the German dont know how its called in English anymore) Where you can see which policies applies to the system. Anyway when you generate a report it comes up with a error message “illegal namespace” So that still does not work and also does not look promising that any Settings will have an effect on the OS. Thats just my five Cents on the Topic. Here is how I copied the files. Would love to hear from anyone that was able to configure anything with the gpedit.msc under XP Home.

      I copied the files from another XP Pro and wrote a little batch file to make the process a little faster for other XP Home Computers. Here is the Batch file. You might have to change the Folder Path to represent your installation. And remember you will have to add any Backup needs yourself. Just a reminder! Now even though it works it might not give you the functionality you search for. Windows XP Home is a cripled Operating System and gpedit works with Templates (*.adm) Files. Meaning that even though its offered to configure under the newly added gpedit it does not mean your underlaying Operating system supports it. I was searching for Remote WMI Support which I guess is not available.

      @echo off
      copy gpedit.dll C:\WINDOWS\System32\gpedit.dll
      copy fde.dll C:\WINDOWS\System32\fde.dll
      copy gptext.dll C:\WINDOWS\System32\gptext.dll
      copy appmgr.dll C:\WINDOWS\System32\appmgr.dll
      copy fdeploy.dll C:\WINDOWS\System32\fdeploy.dll

      copy system.adm C:\windows\system32\GroupPolicy\Adm\system.adm
      copy inetres.adm C:\windows\system32\GroupPolicy\Adm\inetres.adm
      copy conf.adm C:\windows\system32\GroupPolicy\Adm\conf.adm

      regsvr32 C:\WINDOWS\System32\gpedit.dll
      regsvr32 C:\WINDOWS\System32\fde.dll
      regsvr32 C:\WINDOWS\System32\gptext.dll
      regsvr32 C:\WINDOWS\System32\appmgr.dll
      regsvr32 C:\WINDOWS\System32\fdeploy.dll

    26. Bogdan Says:


      thanks for the feedback.

      I’ve included the original French batch file into English version – it does the same as yours.

    27. joven Says:


      thanks for immediately response..

    28. kotenk Says:

      u’re such a genius. thanks 4 saving my life!!! i need gpedit badly

    29. gary Says:

      ok i followed all the instructions for the gpedit.msc and it works but QOS packet schedule is missing what can i do to get that?

    30. Bogdan Says:


      I cannot help with that, sorry.

      It might be missing just because it is Home Edition and not Professional edition.

      gpedit is only an interface to the registry – it does not add any functionality itself.

    31. gary Says:

      ok thanks Bogdan

    32. Daniel Cirlugea Says:

      It works great ! Thanks !!

    33. How to remove autorun.inf; newfolder.exe or regsvr.exe viruses | Virus Medicine Says:

      [...] XP Home Edition user you might not have gpedit.msc in that case download and install it from Windows XP Home Edition: gpedit.msc and then follow these [...]

    34. Virus Attack - Remedy « My Opinions Says:

      [...] XP Home Edition user you might not have gpedit.msc in that case download and install it from Windows XP Home Edition: gpedit.msc and then follow these [...]

    35. jace Says:

      u rock

    36. gunawan Says:

      hi all,

      thx for sharing, i am newbie here and i’am very interested with posting in this website. i already tried the methods and it’s working very good, all the admin template loaded successfully to my xp home computer.
      but the problem appears when i tries to set some user policy i.e no control panel or no display setting. i still seeing and accessing my control panel and my display setting after i set the user policy at gpedit.msc and reboot my computer.

      what’s wrong???
      pleazzzeeee help me out here.

    37. Bogdan Says:

      @Gunawan – “gpedit is only an interface to the registry – it does not add any functionality itself”.

    38. gunawan Says:

      is this mean that the policy setting for my xp home won’t change if i use gpedit.msc? i must directly change my registry?
      please inform what should i do to add it’s functionality at my xp home computer?

    39. Bogdan Says:

      using registry won’t help if the required functionality is missing from XP HE.

      Adding some functionality to HE from Pro should be possible, but I’m not a specialist in that. And that definitely violates the MS EULA :)

    40. Alex Says:

      I did what the article says but, as gunawan said, when I try to prohibit access to Control Panel I still see it. It looks like gpedit.msc for XP Home is useless (at least for me).

    41. CARLO Says:


    42. Joey Says:

      worked great thanks!

    43. Kathy Says:

      Thank You So Much!!!

      This helped me a lot. Now I can finally have System Restore on my computer!

    44. Hari Says:

      When i type regsvr32 gpedit.dll

      it says

      Load library(“gpedit.dll”)failed- The specified module could not be found

      I need help as soon as possibe

      thank you

    45. Bogdan Says:

      Help is coming, hang on! :)

      Do you run ‘regsvr32 gpedit.dll’ from the folder/path which actually has that file? (I mean ‘gpedit.dll’)
      If not – first ‘cd’ into the directory which has that file, then run the command again.

      If yes: get new ‘gpedit.dll’, it might have been corrupted during download.

    46. Bonow Says:

      WORKED!! 100%!
      Thx Man!!

      BTW what’s that MS-DOS “GpedInst” batch file for??

    47. Bogdan Says:

      That batch file is supposed to do all the described manual operations automatically.

      It has been a long time, so I’m not sure it really does that, though.

    48. Paulo Cyrus Says:

      Whew, everything worked on my laptop and my internet is so fast! Thanks to everyone here! I learned a lot from you guys! I followed the instructions manually. I’m thinking twice about gpedinst.bat, might give me more problems. Anyway, hope the others resolve their problems with this forum! So, very helpful!

    49. Bonow Says:

      Oo Man…
      I Can’t find ‘QOS internet setting’ through gpedit.msc

      Can someone help me, on how to make faster internet through gpedit.msc?

    50. Paulo Cyrus Says:

      To Bonow,

      On the number 24th comment here what mark said is how you can find the QoS packet scheduler. If the packet scheduler is disabled, enable it and change the bandwidth to zero. I’ve read some other forums that “I think” if you can’t find the the QoS packet scheduler, you need to download it then voila! Hope this helps. Peace!

    51. Cognoscis » Blog Archive » Newfolder.exe virus Says:

      [...] gpedit part. If yours is XP home, then you will have to download and install it. You can do it from here. Once done follow these [...]

    52. j Says:

      it works!

    53. San Diego Web Design Says:

      It worked for Windows XP Home! Thanks a lot.

    54. Hery Says:

      GREAT!!!it works. Thanks a lot…

    55. Katikih Says:

      It works :) Thanks :)

    56. chewping Says:

      i have 2 desktops (both run on Win XP Home Edi) and i did the same thing to both, however only one desktop works (manage to open the group policy window), but the other desktop shows me this message: Access is denied

      someone told me that i have to be the administrator, but the thing is, i am the ONE & ONLY user on both desktops! could anyone provide some solution? Thanks


    57. Athul Jayaram Says:

      Gr8 tip thanks…

    58. Alex Says:

      so sick man, thanks

    59. salim Says:

      wowowowoowowow!!!!!! tysm!! ty! :D helped me soo much!

    60. Michael Says:

      Thank you very very very much!!!

      This worked for me perfectly. It’s an enormous help to me!

    61. Cedric Says:

      thanks for this gpedit is back

    62. yp_taiwan Says:

      To: Floor 8 Bogdan


      >didn’t instructions in my post work for you?…
      >anyway, thanks for the additional source (and translation) for desperate WinXP HE owners

      Unfortunately no. I suppose that’s because I’m using Chinese OS? Thanks a lot anyway.

    63. Boim Says:

      Thanks for the information you have provided.
      Thanks to the information you provide on this site I could on the open gpedit.msc from the run command. But there’s a little awkwardness, in the windows group policy settings, I can not find security settings when sy already copying all the files above. Need I inform you that sy copy those files from windows pro to my use of the Windows Home Edition. Is there something missing? I do not feel that way.

    64. Weastbug Says:

      Don’t understand, you have realyt tested it?

      I m trying differant version since 2 day, it add gpedit interface but all rule i set d’ont apply and i don’t see any change in registery.

      No one have thi problems?

    65. Burner Says:

      Great thread here and it works for my. Thanks to everyone :-)

      With the Chinese version was anyone able to replace all the text with a English version file?

    66. Karina Says:

      Thanks It worked!

    67. daryl Says:


      When i try to run cmd on my loptop it was automatically shutdown, i’m using xp home edition. can someone help me? thanks

    68. Martin Says:


      Firstly thanks, this works great on XP Home. Will it also work on Windows 7 Home Premium?

    69. Bogdan Says:

      I have no idea about Windows 7 Home Premium, I haven’t yet used Windows 7 at all.

      I even didn’t know it has the same limitation as WinXP Home Edition :)

    70. Nupo Says:

      Something is still missing from this solution. Local security settings will not be included in Group Policy.

    71. bruce Says:

      this worked like a charm.

    72. Josh Says:

      Thank You very much, for the cimple walkthrough

      I can finally add log-on / log-off Scripts


    73. lowie Says:

      downloaded the English files; installed it; had to restart my computer a few times to work good. But so far so good.
      Thanks for all this information


    74. mani Says:

      I have installed as per the instruction in xp home and successfuly installed. I can edit enable and disable in the group policy but it is not reflected in the system.

    75. Yakup Says:

      hello, i read lots of things and i have gpedit face, but changes can not be applied. For example, i check the box to make control panel unreachable, it seems so but i can reach the conrtol panel, so it doesnt work even you have its face like running

    76. Eric Says:


      I had to create the files, grouppolicy/ADM, I put allthe files downloaded into their spots! There are still 2 files left in the download, gpedInst, and gpedit.. There was NO file named gpedit.msc in the download??

      what next?

      Thanx for your time!!!


    77. pepeng dulas Says:

      works fine with my emachine netbook,i can control now my desktop,home xp edition,,thanks alot!!!!

    78. Prateek Says:

      I never thought that its possible to add gpedit in XP Home.

      ThankS a ton

    79. Sijil Says:

      i have installed gpedit.msc in my xp home edition and is working fine.. thanks dude..

    80. atd powers Says:

      work like a charm no problems even added to my xp pro was missing files and ran the way you said it would run.

    81. santanna Says:

      Thanks. Very good!

    82. Benton Says:

      This is just the detail I was trying to find. I wish I’d have found your blog sooner.

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    84. Melvina Says:

      It works…horray..!!! thanks a lot ^3^

    85. Virus Folder Says:

      [...] XP Home Edition user you might not have gpedit.msc in that case download and install it from Windows XP Home Edition: gpedit.mscand then follow these [...]

    86. Lauren Says:

      Thank you so much, it has allowed me to get faster internet speeds.
      Your a life saver

    87. dump Says:

      I did it as you have said. I change policy in gpedit.msc, the changes are in the Registry.pol file. But the changed policy is not applyed. It is not at the registry. I tryed gpupdate, but it wrote can’t found file….Why? What must I do to apply policy?

    88. Anony Says:

      If you get this kinda error with any file, When i type regsvr32 gpedit.dll

      it says

      Load library(“gpedit.dll”)failed- The specified module could not be found, its probably because you forgot to copy gptext.dll, gpedit.dll, or gpedit.msc into system32 folder– same thing with any other file, you have to copy all of the files make sure not to miss any- like he says above…

    89. Admin tips « My Blog Says:

      [...] Click Start -> Run, type gpedit.msc (need to get and install the following for Windows XP [...]

    90. nurfaisyah Says:

      it’s work for me….so thanks for tutorial

    91. azamar Says:

      INSTALED correctly but NOTHING IMPROVED neigther 1% !

      Regards from Athens Greece

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