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    BioGPS: by the makers of Gene Expression Atlas

    22nd November 2008

    BioGPS logo If you were a frequent user of GNF SymAtlas, then you’d better bookmark BioGPS – Your Gene Portal System. BioGPS is basically the same gene expression atlas, but with a completely different interface, and more flexible ideology (e.g. expression atlas is now just a “plugin”, and more of those can be plugged in).

    There are also some easter-egg-like features: try hovering the BioGPS logo in the top left corner several times…


    3 Responses to “BioGPS: by the makers of Gene Expression Atlas”

    1. zhang Says:


    2. Bogdan Says:

      Hi Zhang,

      glad to see you commenting again!

      BTW, I’ve edited one of my replies to you in comments, regarding why log2() and not ln() should be used in pfm2pwm conversion.

    3. zhang Says:

      very good blog!
      I’ve kept attention on every new post.

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