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    15th March 2008

    Earlier, I wrote about Universal boot CD , which is targeted primarily at the hardware testing/diagnosing.

    If not hardware, but “only” software is malfunctioning – try SystemRescueCD, a Linux-based recovery CD/DVD/Flash stick (it all depends on how you burn/install the downloaded file – manuals and how-to’s are available).

    As always, Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with SystemRescueCD, and gain no profit from this post. Any advice I give is provided AS IS, with no guarantees of fitness to your exact case.


    4 Responses to “SystemRescueCD”

    1. Ultimate boot CD - diagnostic, testing, and recovery utilities collection » Autarchy of the Private Cave Says:

      [...] to fix software problems, use System Rescue CD [...]

    2. roji Says:

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    3. Bogdan Says:

      doesn’t look like a promising commercial model to me. single domain name is at least 10$/year, and far not all users will return even that much profit within a year. plus the hosting expenses, plus traffic abuse, plus support expenses. nah, that isn’t going to work the way it’s now.

      also, those who will return over 10$ yearly, would very soon decide to move to paid hosting with no ads. the only way to hold those users would be to register their “free” domains in the name of your company, and not the user, thus catching your users into the “domain trap”.

    4. Recent Faves Tagged With "systemrescuecd" : MyNetFaves Says:

      [...] public links >> systemrescuecd SystemRescueCD First saved by kobenba11 | 10 days ago Freeware from Uncle Monster: Clonezilla System Rescue [...]

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