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    Updating everything

    3rd February 2008

    Today I moved my blog and gallery into MySQL5 databases from an elderly MySQL4. Also, both WP and gallery are now updated to the latest versions. Soon I’ll change the WP and G2 themes – for the lighter, less cluttered – and will remove some ads… and will also add some others instead :)

    Update generally went well, except for the message I got on the main page:

    Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn’t here.

    It was quite easy to figure out that new WP conflicts with an elderly “Sideblog” plugin – so I had to deactivate that one, and will have to update all the active plugins to avoid some other less evident problems… (actually, just completed updating all the plugins… quite a time-eater, that was.)

    Also, there will be a slight change to what and how I write. No other details for now – but stay tuned! All the changes with no exceptions are planned for the good of readers, and for the users’ benefits!


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