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    DNS troubles?

    1st October 2007

    Today my blog’s domain isn’t resolving to IP address from several worldwide locations. The trouble seems to be with XName, as running nslookup using ns? gives me this:

    DNS server handling your query:
    DNS server’s address:

    ** server can’t find SERVFAIL

    It’s rather strange that all the other domains I have on XName are functioning properly.

    I can’t figure out the reason behind the problem; will keep trying to resolve as soon as possible.

    Update: this is in fact XName-related problem: they are again under DDoS attack.

    The other domains I have at XName might have stayed unaffected thanks to the secondary nameservers; it might have been just the question of the difference in sync times, that caused to expire earlier than other domains.

    It’s a great pity that DDoS attack organizers cannot (yet) be reliably tracked and then punished. Attacking a free web service cannot be explained other than by mental sickness or noticeable loss of profit by some entities…


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