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    Busy with GSoC-2007

    29th March 2007

    The blog isn’t currently updated, as I’m quite busy with several abrupt opportunities, main of which is the Google Summer of Code 2007 (announcement here). I applied for the WordPress with “Improve the performance of WordPress” project. Currently I’m working on the detailed weekly 3-month-long plan of implementation for the project. I do feel that I should have learned about GSoC-2007 earlier than Friday, March 23rd :( . Well, it’s good at least that the deadline for applications was extended until the 27th of March, and I could at least register and submit the only application which I consider to be a good fit for my current activities and skills.

    This year the competition doesn’t seem overly tough, with around 3000 students, over 6100 applications, and 800 stipends for successful applicants. However, among the 131 OpenSource projects, some will definitely enjoy slightly more attention and applications than others. I wonder how many applications there are for WordPress :)


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