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    PhotoFiltre: recommended simple image-editing software

    9th February 2007

    I’ve been using PhotoFiltre for quite a while until now, and can recommend this software.
    In my case, primary usage purpose is light-weight editing – when Photoshop/GIMP would be an overkill, and Paint is just not enough.

    I suppose there are many programs of this kind, but as I stumbled upon this one, I wasn’t looking for anything else.

    Their home is (alternative), which offers both the commercial version (PhotoFiltre Studio) and a free one. I’m using the free version, and do not (yet) need to go commercial.

    There is a number of languages available for the free version. There are also some plugins, though I didn’t use any so far.

    I’d recommend trying this program – it might provide for all your simple image-editing needs.

    Disclaimer: I get no (zero) profit from promoting this program – I just found it useful and share my opinion.


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    1. photo editing Says:

      Great sharing! Thanks!!

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