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    Archive for November, 2007

    Google’s services are language-dependent

    28th November 2007

    If you want to fetch emails from some of your POP3-enabled mail accounts to Gmail, there’s a help article detailing the process. However, when using Ukrainian Gmail UI, clicking the link which should bring up the dialog box to add one out of maximum five Fetcher accounts, I got instead an offer to add the email address which I can use in the From field of my outgoing emails – and absolutely not a word about fetching emails from other POP3 accounts.

    When I switched to English (UK) UI, everything went just as described in the help article, and I added one address to fetch emails from.

    After fetching some mails, I switched back to Ukrainian UI, and – quite expectedly – the Fetcher part disappeared from the Settings/Accounts. Now I’m waiting to see if the Fetcher is nonetheless functional, or if it is also disabled… It’s functioning! So the only thing which was really changing in this case was the portion of the Settings/Accounts page not displayed while using Ukrainian UI.

    The moral of the story is: when you think that some functionality is missing in the Google service you’re using – just switch to English UI!


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    Windows XP Home Edition: gpedit.msc (group policy) editing via registry

    15th November 2007

    It is possible to install gpedit.msc snap-in for MMC in Windows XP Home Edition. I found the list of necessary files on (in French), which also had the archive of all the necessary (again, French) files and the installation batch-file.

    Warning: you proceed at your own risk. If you do not know what you are doing – please don’t :)

    Download (original) French

    Download English gpedit for windows xp (also in 7zip archive).

    Here are instructions for manual MMC snap-in installation. Original French-version archive had a batch file which does installation automatically, which I also added to the English archive (gpedinst.bat). But you must manually verify that batch file fits your system before running it! It might be safer to follow the instructions manually.

    • Put these files:


      into %SystemRoot%\system32 folder (most often it’s just c:\windows\system32)

    • put these files:


      into %SystemRoot%\system32\GroupPolicy\ADM\ (create if this folder doesn’t exist)

    • finally, run these commands one by one in the CMD window:

      regsvr32 gpedit.dll
      regsvr32 fde.dll
      regsvr32 gptext.dll
      regsvr32 appmgr.dll
      regsvr32 fdeploy.dll

    That should make gpedit.msc callable as Start -> Run -> gpedit.msc.

    Other language versions of the necessary files can be retrieved from corresponding-language installations of WinXP Professional; English version can also be downloaded directly from Microsoft website ( e.g. here , or search for “Group Policy ADM Files” at Also, you can extract necessary files from available Windows distributions: just don’t forget, that “filename.dl_” is a compressed version of “filename.dll”, and can be uncompressed by using XP-bundled extract command.

    See also this comment for alternative gpedit installation (get the file from badongo first), and also this comment for one more explanation of manual installation.

    Geeks corner:

    1. a comprehensive list of the “Group Policy/User Configuration/Administrative Templates” settings in Windows XP Home Edition
    2. an extremely comprehensive Excel sheet, which maps numerous *.adm-file options to their registry equivalents – Group Policy Settings Reference (PolicySettings.xls). This file is for Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows 2003

    Disclaimer: I do not know if modifying (e.g. by adding gpedit) your WinXP HE is a violation of any EULAs. It’s your own responsibility to check this out and comply with any such regulations. Also, be advised that modifying any settings using gpedit.msc on WinXP HE may render some parts of the OS inoperable (in my opinion). You have been warned!


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