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    Mini-review: offline navigators for Android

    18th October 2014

    Sygic, Waze, Osmand, Navfree, Navigator, or (Nokia’s) Here Navigation beta: which is a better offline navigation solution for your Android?


    • no way to store maps on the card
    • navigation isn’t free (there is a 7-day trial)


    • not offline, needs internet
    • has nice social features


    • Allows maps on SD
    • Free navigation
    • Allows only 10 maps; for Germany, this means only 10 federal lands


    • Allows 1 country map for free
    • Not sure about SD support
    • Works good


    • Unlimited maps on SD with payment

    Here Navigation beta

    • stores maps on the SD card; voices are stored in the phone’s memory
    • navigation is free, both online and offline
    • you can download the entire Earth navigation maps for offline use (over 20 GB as of 2014-11-26)
    • navigation test: works, but in my case GPS signal was slow to acquire and lost for some seconds quite often; could be the device, though.

    Will update as soon as I am forced to really use any of these (usually I have my Garmin with me).


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