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    Brief comparison: Dropbox vs BitTorrent Sync vs AeroFS vs SparkleShare

    24th November 2013

    Right now I’m mostly using Dropbox, and recently started BitTorrent Sync for my music collection sync between all the PCs and my backups server, as well as for sharing larger files at work (thanks to direct LAN connections, this is much faster with BTSync than with Dropbox, which has to first upload the file to Dropbox server). I’m also considering syncing a TrueCrypt container of my photos archive using BTSync. SparkleShare is potentially interesting, but given my trend to move to free code-hosting services, I do not yet see a need for it.

    Below is a short summary table I’ve used to compare available solutions. Feel free to contribute to the table in the comments – I’ll update the post, then.

    BitTorrent Sync
    Free plans2 GB + 16 GB referral bonusesYesYes, up to 3 collaboratorsYes
    All files are in a single directoryYesNoYesYes
    Client supports throttlingYesYes??
    Mobile app existsYesYes??
    File storage is centralizedYes, Dropbox serversNoNoNo
    Sharing: access levels separationNo; read-only public access with web URLsYes: read, read/write, expiring access??
    Best forwhateverlarge files (video)whatevertext files

    Dropbox vs BitTorrent Sync vs AeroFS vs SparkleShare


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