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    Pacific Rim: recommended

    22nd July 2013

    pacific-rim-posterYou don’t like FX-only movies, right? You can guess the plot from the trailer, and it then falls apart from the very first minutes – you just find it fairly hard to believe, without first turning off your brain – either willfully, if you are well-trained in mental/djedi techniques, or with the help of beer/other alcohol. Then, all you get are the special effects thrown in your face in the post-processing-added, ugly and eye-hurting 3D. There are a few “wow” moments, but that’s it – you leave the cinema with the mixed feelings of emptiness, lost time and money, and disappointment.

    If that sounds familiar – go watch Pacific Rim. Go with the above-described expectations. Do watch the HD trailer. Try not to read anything revealing the plot – that could be a serious spoiler. Just one hint: you may want to sit through the 3D credits (about 2 minutes) for one final movie scene. I’ve heard there’s also something after the non-3D credits, but wasn’t patient enough to verify that.

    Pacific Rim leaves a pleasant double-sided impression. On the one hand, it seems painted with juicy, crude and colorful paintbrush strokes; on the other, details get a sometimes unexpected extreme attention. Overall balance – not only in terms of details/overall rigidity – is good. Cliches are used with the tiniest hint of a burlesque feature, helping mitigate distasteful impressions.

    This movie, just like most others in the Sci-Fi-tangential sphere, will not survive detailed critical analysis. However, it will not fall apart while you are still watching it. Even when you start analyzing it afterward – you may recollect some details you haven’t paid attention to initially, but now – after you try disassembling the plot points – they will start making more sense.

    Obviously, this one should be watched at the movies and in IMAX or RealD. I found 3D quality to be good. I wonder if they filmed it in 3D… too lazy to search for that :)


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    1. wryals Says:

      The mainstream Hollywood studios cannot dictate what the public prefer or can get as they would in the past. When you add to that distribution world wide web, headlines sites, from rumor to complete films. It really is a brand new world. Some of it really good, some not.

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