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    How to fix: Nokia Ovi Suite could not connect to the Nokia account server

    10th March 2011

    I’ve been getting this message for a long while, when trying to log into Ovi from within my Ovi Suite:

    Nokia Ovi Suite could not connect to the Nokia account server. Make sure the internet connection is working properly and try again.

    However, both my internet connection, and logging into using a browser work fine. Even looking for updates from within Ovi Suite works fine!

    Here’s the solution (tested on Nokia Ovi Suite

    Important: before trying the solution below, try downloading and running root certificates update program from Microsoft, then restarting Ovi Suite to see if the problem is gone. (Thanks Finn for sharing this one.)

    • Navigate to Start – Control panel – Internet options (or: start Internet Explorer – Tools – Internet options). It doesn’t matter that your default browser is not IE.
    • Select Content tab.
    • Click Certificates, select Trusted root certification authorities tab, and sort ascending by expiration date.
    • Now delete all GTE CyberTrust certificates whose expiration date has passed.
    • Click Close, then OK
    • Restart Ovi suite.

    If that didn’t help: try removing all expired certificates:

    A word of warning

    Deleting all expired trusted root certs is not a good idea. You could end up with vital parts of the system not working, or unable to access some documents (especially if you have encryption turned on). Thing is, expired certs can still be valid for anything signed or encrypted before they expired.

    Sources used:


    21 Responses to “How to fix: Nokia Ovi Suite could not connect to the Nokia account server”

    1. Działa Says:

      Dzięki,Twoja metoda pomogła. Miałem opisany problem.

    2. sahul Says:


    3. Ron Says:

      ovi suite – I deleted all expired crets. did not help. nokia…

    4. Finn Says:

      I do not know why but when I searched for a solution to the problem, this page among the first in google ….

      The solution, I could not use – but I have found another that I share here.

      Download this file:

      and restart Ovi Suite

    5. Bogdan Says:

      Finn, thanks for sharing!

      This might actually be a better option than deleting outdated certificates manually – by the name of it, rootsupd.exe should update the list of root certificates. I’ll add this solution as the first one to try.

    6. daniel Says:

      thank you very much ineed this hotfix but icant search anythere webs but it in this website.thhhhhhhhaaaaaanks bodgan.finn

    7. Unstable Says:

      The remove button isnt highlighted in IE9. So it doesn’t allow me to delete it.

    8. Bogdan Says:

      Unstable, maybe you lack permissions?

      I would suggest first trying to update certificates. If that doesn’t work, you could try running the browser as Administrator to see if that allows removing certificates.

    9. amanath Says:

      awesome dude i was about quit my trial to update ..
      after gooling i got ur reply ..
      thanka alot

    10. Rannek111 Says:

      Thanks the link bogdan! It’s works! Thank you :)

    11. Sameer Says:

      Finn thank you dear it help me a lot…….
      this like
      is good now i can sign in…….

      thank you again……..

    12. abv Says:

      Thanks for publishing this solution, it helped me a lot!

    13. vikramg Says:

      neither of them worked for me. I am using windows 7.

    14. Saurabh Says:

      I could log in to Nokia site from Ovi suit, but it fails to get updates for me. I tried removing all expired certificates from trusted roots.

      Still not working for me.

      Please help!!

    15. Padraig Says:

      You are a lifesaver :)

    16. sonny Says:

      im sstill having the same problem. :( is there any simple solution rather than that?

    17. vanshit Says:

      Hello freind

      My problem is that when i have installed the samsung pc suite then nokia ovi suite not connect to the internet so i have to uninstall the samsung pc suite to connect to the internet through the ovi suite.
      It means when samsung pc suite is installed in my computer then nokia pc suite not connecting internet so i have to uninstall the samsung pc suite,
      plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz helpppppppppppp meeeeeeeeeeeee………….

    18. Lira lerato Says:

      I want to upload lot of stuffs for my phone and my ovi it doesnt work and it piss me off sometime. I love using nokia i dnt really wnt to change my phone because of a little ovi thing. Pls help me

    19. Norman Says:

      thanks for the link it actually works. Nice work

    20. Dave Says:

      For me:
      - Deleting expired certificated did not work
      - updating the certificates from MS did not work
      - clearing all items from “hosts” did not work

      I ran an TCP/IP trace and found the program and NokiaSuite.exe only attempts to contact localhost:30606

      So, it seems Nokia Suite 3.6.36 makes not attempt to connect to the Internet. Like some others, Internet working fine, and can login direct to Nokia websites.

      I attempted install on another PC, and the installer requested install of the primary verisign certificate first:

      That worked! But still not on my computer, at least I am closer!

    21. mrfixit Says:

      fixed it thank you :)

      nokia help site is waste of time, here is solution !

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