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    SciVee.TV: YouTube for science

    15th July 2009

    SciVeeStumbled upon SciVee.TV – an open video upload service for research-related videos.

    I believe it is highly useful. Compare: watching an 8-10 minute video of someone’s research to reading their article on that same subject. For me, those 8-10 minutes make video option a clear winner.

    One of the envisioned uses of SciVee is to upload videos describing peer-reviewed published articles. This has two benefits for the reader: quickly getting acquainted with the essence of the article, and having that article as a complete reference for any questions not discussed in the video. For the author, this gives an additional bonus of higher visibility of his research.

    Personally, I’ve immediately found 3 videos pertinent to my topic. Of those, one was accompayning an article in PloS Biology, one was an hour-long lecture, and one was a poor quality audio recording of someone’s intended research.

    SciVee is young, and that is currently the largest drawback: not much could be found in a narrow research field. But I’m sure it will grow.


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