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    Harness the power of rsync

    6th July 2009

    I have read manpages of rsync today.
    I feel enlightened.

    I had a dream of rsync being one of the legendary nix Super-Cows.

    A tiny perversive part of self created a PDF version of rsync manpages (43 pages).

    It seems that Super-Cows can damage the brain, when stared at too intensely.


    4 Responses to “Harness the power of rsync”

    1. gioby Says:

      :-) be careful to not being take away from the sl train…

    2. Bogdan Says:

      I found the sl abbreviation in your comment especially hard to decipher.

      Is that:
      - Shock Level? (as in SL4, shock level 4)
      - Source Language?
      - sensu lato (in the broad sense)?
      - Special Linear group of degree n over a field F?
      - Symmetric Logspace?
      - Sierra Leone? SaarLand? ;)

      I feel your sl is a simple one, but I am at a loss! Please help me!

    3. Bogdan Says:

      I was digging through some self-references in drafts, found this post, and finally realized that you were simply referring to the `sl` command… :D I had even just installed it to check if it really shows what I thought it shows :)

      I had only seen it in action once somewhere in 2001, and didn’t even know the Steam Locomotive command back then…

      Well, it took me nearly exactly 4 years to figure out your comment! :D
      Also, I’m currently in SaarLand, which seems a really strange coincidence….

    4. Resume broken scp/mc/fish transfer with rsync » Autarchy of the Private Cave Says:

      [...] Harness the power of rsync [...]

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