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    Ada GNAT GPL 2009 released

    30th May 2009

    We are pleased to announce the release of GNAT GPL 2009, the Ada Toolset for Academic users and FLOSS developers. It introduces many new features including:

    - Ability to generate byte code for the JVM

    - Improved support for the .NET Framework

    - Addition of the Ada-Java Interfacing Suite (AJIS) that enables native Ada code to be called from Java:

    - Availability on the Mac OS X (64 bit) platform

    - Automatic C/C++ binding generators

    - Addition of the GNAT Component Collection (GNATcoll) providing new APIs that can be extended by the user community:

    GNAT GPL 2009 comes with version 4.3.1 of the GNAT Programming Studio IDE and GNATbench 2.3, the GNAT plug-in for Eclipse.

    It is available for the GNU Linux, Mac OS X (64 bit), .NET, JVM and Windows platforms.

    GNAT GPL 2009 can be downloaded from the “Download” section on the new Libre website:

    I wonder if the new JVM bytecode generation feature was frequently requested by Ada developers, or is just a move towards popularizing Ada as a highly capable programming language. Either way, it’s good.

    Hopefully, I will find time and a matching project to finally learn Ada properly – since a couple of years I believe Ada is a very good programming language. And the D language is better than C and C++ :) (holy war, anyone? :) )


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