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    I want a screen version of Nine Princes of Amber!

    1st May 2009

    In my childhood, I greatly enjoyed the series of novels by Roger Zelazny about the Amber multiverse. I also did enjoy the book by JRRT.

    Many of the epic and thrilling worlds have been brought to the wide screen in recent decades. So today I came to IMDB looking for just any film adaptation of the excellent novel series by Roger Zelazny, and found… nothing! Roger himself is accurately catalogued, though.

    The Amber multiverse seems to me even bigger than that of JRRT’s world, yet the LoTR has a screen version, and Amber doesn’t. That’s unfair! :) I want a screen version of Amber world!

    I’ve found a thread at IMDB, which asks for the movie, so I’m not alone in that.

    P.S. Inspired by the recently re-viewed episodes of SW, including the CW animation series.


    7 Responses to “I want a screen version of Nine Princes of Amber!”

    1. jack Says:

      while i also would like to see a film version…. i thought lotr movie trilogy just blew chunks allover jrrs grave. not trying to spell correctly here.

      just use your imagination and reread when u need a fix…for i doubt any film maker would be allowed to bring 9 princes to the screen properly, even if they were capable of following the actual novels closely and bringing corwin ect to acceptable screen life.

      the hobbit is single story thats almost impossible to screw up . what did the studious give us . a crap often repeated 9hr torture test with the lotr.

      well have a good day.. im working on a device that will bring whatever you imagine to the screen and records those will be done at about the same time my time machine is completed.. i just need the 1 component that has yet to be invented

    2. Bogdan Says:

      single component for two technologies that different? what kind of a component is that?

      recording visualized dreams isn’t too far, I guess, with thought-controlled devices being commercially available for some time.

      however, time travelling is a far shot, don’t you think?

    3. jack Says:

      i wasnt serious about either device …Bogdan

      the paradox of a needed component for a time machine that hasnt been invented yet .. being my attempt at humor and also a clue as to humor.

      also read that batman 4ever writer is working on a screenplay for 9 princes.

      i say screenplay.. just follow the book… screenplay , well that means a hatchet job.
      studio wont bankroll it without screenplay and story boards..

      i say cut a copy of the book out page by page and let that be the damn screenplay. not a big fan of the batman films.

      well im just rambling now

    4. Bogdan Says:

      Page by page can be cut in different ways, too (as books, strangely, are inherently different from movies).

      Although I do agree, that no “rewriting” should be done.

    5. jack Says:

      Bogdan thanks for putting up with me. the first amber series the 5 books are pretty good .[ my top 20 alltime ,along with hobbit and a few john irvings ] the first book itself ,9 princes,just flows along. its quite a page turner. i read a review of a critic who enjoyed it,but thought it juvenile. which i dont think it is at all.

      i read the books onto mp3 for a friend[overseas a few years ago ,now i think its time to read it again.although i also have the entire series on mp3 by zelazny himself.

      i think the only movie thats been filmed of 1 of his storys is damnation ally. a film i enjoyed as a 14 yr old in 77 [star wars huge] though having recently seen damnation ally again ,i found it lacking though watchable ,with jackie earl haley being fun to watch.”shes not my ma” he says . ”and your not my pa” and leaps through a window.

      zelazny hated the rendering of his story [dam ally] and after having read it i agree. it shoulda been better.

      well ill respond to ur next post whenever im able. take care.

    6. Bogdan Says:

      hmm, I don’t know remember about juvenile – that was in school when I enjoyed full set of the Amber universe books. Will have to re-read to find out if that was really juvenile :)

    7. Prognostigator Says:

      I love both series. Both authors were amazing. If you do not want the 9 Princes destroyed, find someone who is not a self absorbed coke head or a jewish hollywood insider (like the one who destroyed LOTRs, they love to decimate European mythology and sagas) to produce or direct it. Although Zelazny was jewish, he was not a hollywierd insider and apparently out of the PC loop enough to do something excellent and inspiring, at least the first 5 or 6 books or so.. after that it got a little weird

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