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    Git: how to remove file and commit from history

    13th February 2009

    Once I accidentally added circa 300 MiB of archive files to one of my git repositories (which was as small as 5 MiB). I removed those files as soon as I noticed them, but the .git directory still preserved commits with those files, and still occupied over 300 MiB.

    I have found the solution at stackoverflow (see also this question).

    This method worked for me, but I couldn’t push my rebased repository to the gitosis. I would need to re-init the gitosis repository from my rebased, but I’m not yet prepared to do that.

    There is also a slightly different method (which relies on a temporary tag instead of a temporary branch), documented in Git online manual pages; I prefer the temporary branch method.

    Below is a full copy-paste of the winning answer by Charles Bailey:

    # create and check out a temporary branch at the location of the bad merge
    git checkout -b tmpfix

    # remove the incorrectly added file
    git rm somefile.orig

    # commit the amended merge
    git commit –amend

    # go back to the master branch
    git checkout master

    # replant the master branch onto the corrected merge
    git rebase tmpfix

    # delete the temporary branch
    git branch -d tmpfix

    Also, in my case this thread at stackoverflow was highly useful. I start enjoying the concise and compact style of Charles Bailey :) :

    # detach head and move to D commit
    git checkout

    # move HEAD to A, but leave the index and working tree as for D
    git reset –soft

    # Redo the D commit re-using the commit message, but now on top of A
    git commit -C

    # Re-apply everything from the old D onwards onto this new place
    git rebase –onto HEAD master

    Note: this example is for a branch of commits R–A–B–C–D–E–HEAD, where commits B & C should be removed from commit history.

    Another option is to use git rebase –interactive (for the same example):

    git rebase -i HEAD~5

    Unfortunately, rebasing on a public (pushed out) branch has no effect for other users of the current gitosis repository.

    An alternative to re-initializing gitosis repository from rebased scratch could be switching to a different (rebased) branch, and deleting the outdated master branch; but I haven’t investigated if this works.


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