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    How to sort Python dict (dictionary)

    26th September 2007

    Sample script (copypasted from Well House Consultants training course):
    click the PLAIN TEXT header for copy-pasteable version

    1. #!/usr/local/bin/python
    3. author = {"php":"Rasmus Lerdorf",\
    4.     "perl":"Larry Wall",\
    5.     "tcl":"John Ousterhout",\
    6.     "awk":"Brian Kernighan",\
    7.     "java":"James Gosling",\
    8.     "parrot":"Simon Cozens",\
    9.     "python":"Guido van Rossum"}
    11. langs = author.keys()
    12. langs.sort()
    14. for language in langs:
    15.     print language,"is the child of",author[language]

    You can also define the Python ksort() function similar to that found in PHP:

    1. def ksort(d, func = None):
    2.     keys = d.keys()
    3.     keys.sort(func)
    4.     return keys
    6. # example use, assume 'd' is a dictionary
    7. for k in ksort(d):
    8.     print k, d[k]

    (example taken from TheScript forum)


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