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    Do not buy at the BamBook internet-shop

    5th May 2007

    BamBook is a Kyiv-based internet shop.

    On the 28th of February, 2007, I ordered a book from them, and paid for it with a credit card at the time of order. Soon I had a confirmation email, which said that the book will be delivered not later than the 16th of March (they promise 10-working-days delivery, so the date looked fine).

    At the end of March, after writing several emails to BamBook, they responded with an official-looking “sorry for delay” and “we’ll do our best to deliver soon”.

    After calling them on the 3rd of April I came to know that they at the moment actually do not have the book I ordered. They asked if I’m willing to wait for around two weeks, so that they “try” to order that book and then (add 10 working days) deliver it to me. I said NO, I WANT MY MONEY BACK with that kind of service you have! OK, they said.

    Nothing changed until April, 23. So I called them again. They promised to return money again.

    Another call was on the 3rd of May. They said that “refund is being processed”. I hope you imagine what kind of a company they are, if a simple refund processing requires whole month to be complete… or not complete, as nothing changed as of today, the 5th of May.

    Update: as of May, 27, there are no changes, despite some more efforts put into getting anything from this real crappy Bambook internet-shop.

    Conclusion: avoid BamBook internet-shop at all costs. Better go give your money to the beggar on the street – faster, with no troubles, and no waiting for anything.


    2 Responses to “Do not buy at the BamBook internet-shop”

    1. jk Says:

      десь рік тому читав подібну історію про бамбук від знайомого на одному з форумів.

    2. chronos Says:

      справді, якщо просто пошукати в неті, то негативних відгуків на бамбук (в першу чергу – про терміни доставки) набереться немало. цього разу потрібно було замовити подарунок на 8 березня, а про існування бамбуку вже знаю давненько – от Ñ– полінувався перевірити репутацію :)

      у мене виникає підозра, що у них лише “одноразові” покупці :)

      але нічого. звернулися до банку із запитом про charge-back. і на цій сторінці із 10 результатів понад половина згенерована мною і дружиною :)

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