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    Digital photo cameras can capture infra-red light

    2nd May 2007

    This is quite a well-known thing among frequent and professional photographers, but still an interesting thing to know.
    I was also told that digital photo cameras can “see” in ultraviolet as well, but didn’t check if that’s true.
    As for infra-red light, this can be easily checked using any common “direct visibility” remote control. Most if not all use infra-red diodes to transmit signal. So I just pointed a remote at the camera, and made a shot. (Actually, camera real-time display also shows captured infra-red light, as it starts blinking in the remote.) Here is the proof of digital cameras ability to capture infra-red light. The bluish dot in the centre of the red-front-plastic-screen of the remote is infra-red light.


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