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    The vehicle I’d prefer for the city

    7th April 2007

    The VentureOne by Venture Vehicles.

    VentureOne is based (and actually licensed from) the Carver Engineering three-wheeler.

    I’d be completely happy with the basic e50 model :)

    I wish VentureVehicles would just give out some vehicles for “beta testing” :)

    The VentureOne uses hybrid propulsion:
    hybrid propulsion

    Venture Vehicles also promises sufficient safety for this hybrid tricycle:
    safety features

    The pricing information is not yet officially available.

    I wonder when VentureOne will be available in Ukraine :)


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      [...] October 2010 You should already know that my preferred city vehicle is VentureOne (now called PersuHybrid, and still far from mass production – while Carver One, the original [...]

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