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    GoDaddy shared hosting: too slow?

    12th March 2007

    Note: have a look at other hosting options.

    Update 7: I’m now quite satisfied with page generation times. See other updates at the end of the post and comments to find out more.
    Update 8: this blog is not at godaddy anymore for the reasons which have nothing to do with speed.

    I’m currently using GoDaddy shared hosting plan. I noticed that my blog, as it grows in popularity and visitors, displays a wide range of page-response times. The best I had seen so far was below 3 seconds of page generation time (note: _not_ page loading, but page generation). If it were the average, I would be happy. However, much more frequently observed times are in range of 20-30 seconds per page. Sometimes pages even timeout, as my uptime tracker service is reporting (For February, there were 100 minutes of unresponsive pages, for March – already over 10 hours!!!).

    For example, today around 16:00 GMT the following statistics were reported by my blog:

    22 queries.
    33.416 seconds.

    Evidently, this is unacceptably slow.

    Based on that same tracker, when plain-html file was tracked, no downtime was observed. It was only after I started tracking the PHP-generated file, that “downtimes” became obvious. Evidently, CPU is not powerful enough to handle all the processing from multiple shared-hosting accounts at GoDaddy server(?s), thus time-outs are observed.

    I used the reverse-IP tool from to find out, that

    There are 3707 domains hosted on this IP address.
    Here are a few of them:


    (Well, with 100GB storage and 1TB traffic I think I could have the 100-downloads-like web-site, but only based on pure-html pages, with no scripting at all. With scripting, that would be a dead site, deducing from my blog’s page generation speeds.)

    (You could also try an alternative reverse-IP tool)

    I will contact GoDaddy support with the “slow page generation, low CPU?” question to see if anything can be done. So far I’m satisifed with GoDaddy, even as my demands continue to grow since 2005. With static pages I think there would be no problems, but who uses static pages nowadays?

    Meanwhile, I found the Linux Tera-Host hosting plan from hostican attractive, as for 10$/month. Well, “unlimited bandwidth” does look slightly suspicious, as it can be 40kbit/sec “unlimited” :). Please comment if you had any previous experience with hostican… or with decreasing page-generation times on GoDaddy shared hosting.

    Update: after I contacted GoDaddy support with “slow page generation”, the page generation speed actually increased. So far the timings for a single page generation are within 1-10 seconds, and I do not get any more “downtimes” in my hosting uptime tracker. However, communication with support did not reveal anything new concerning my question. As long as page generation times do not increase, I’ll archive and forget about this problem. (…doubting that any other shared hosting provider will ensure enough CPU to get less-than-a-second-per-page times.)

    Update 2: there’s also more important information about GoDaddy hosting, namely about their scheme of preventing one shared hosting user eating up 100% of system resources.

    Update 3: as of January 31, 2008, there are 2924 domains hosted on my shared hosting server (according to reverse-IP tool).

    Update 4: as of April 6, 2008, there are 2834 domains hosted on the server with the same IP as mine. I must add that it seems as though since that short MySQL outage everything is faster at GoDaddy shared hosting. Did they upgrade database server(s)? I have no idea, but I like the change.

    Update 5: as of June 3, 2008, there are 2754 domains hosted on my shared hosting server at GoDaddy.

    Update 6: as of July 16, 2008, there are 2697 domains hosted on my shared hosting server at GoDaddy. Moreover, the Deluxe shared hosting plan now has 1.5 times higher disk and bandwidth limits, and 5 times more FTP users per account. Page generation times have improved noticeably, though some slowdowns in the peak hours can be still observed.


    56 Responses to “GoDaddy shared hosting: too slow?”

    1. Donn Says:

      I used GoDaddy’s hosting for my blog too (at first). I ran into TONS of problems with their system and eventually moved over to

    2. chronos Says:

      Donn, thanks for the suggestion. However, I’m not used to Windows hosting… It’s not a religion, just never hosted anything on W2k3 servers with my PHP+MySQL sites. ASP and MSSQL are (were? three years passed since I compared) no better than PHP and MySQL, so no stimulus to change. Besides, disk space currently offered at servergrid is way too small: at GoDaddy, I’m already using around 3GB of space, and I’m not running anything special there – just a photogallery of one of the bioinformatics courses with full-size photos :). And I’m sure my disk appetites will only grow, as entropy does, even though we don’t like that happening :)

    3. LOL Says:

      Ahh, thanks for the link. I checked my hosted site and my IP is currently shared with 2651 domains. No wonder my friend’s forum runs so much faster than mine! He only shares his IP with ~230 domains.

    4. Defaye Says:

      Godaddy hosting is trash. It’s very slow, I’m sharing with over 2700+ other websites on the same server and I only run a data-slim forum. I get up to 30+ seconds page generation time with timeouts. Godaddy is terrible hosting and their customer relations just ignores you.

    5. Bogdan Says:

      Defaye, did this post load fast for you? I’m actually experiencing blog speedup (see update 4 in the post text). Page generation times are now usually within 4 seconds.

      If you do have 30 seconds/page in multiple reloads – that’s really slow. I think you could enable some performance options in the forum control panel (like caching) to make it faster. If you plan moving – have a look at other hosting options, some of them are said to be good.

    6. Geoffrey Lilienfeld Says:

      We host a pretty high traffic website with Godaddy called and sometimes our servers slow way down. While we dont usually get anything like 20-30 second load times we do get up to 10-15 seconds for a very simple page to load.

    7. Bogdan Says:

      Geoffrey, how “high-traffic” your site is?

    8. Bogdan Says:

      and, I’ve to ask: do you use google’s adsense for search to monetize other people’s searches?

    9. Bogdan Says:

      and two more things:
      - there are 3 domains on your IP address. First I thought that you aren’t actually on GoDaddy, but I checked and you are: thus, you must have one of the VDS plans, not a shared hosting plan. Is that the case?
      - if you do experience slowdowns, then it’s likely network clogs, unrelated to server performance. My post is more about server performance.

    10. zqcolor Says:

      I check my website with powweb, There are 10,363 domains hosted on this IP address. my website down at 20% of time, and they tell me they can do nothing and can not find my website down, I use for free monitor. have to move now. thanks for the reverse ip tool

    11. Jake Says:

      I run a hunting guide Web site thats hosted through GoDaddy and uses the Joomla! CMS to dynamically create its pages and I have no problems with page load time. I’ll stick with GoDaddy and continue to recommend it to my friends.

    12. Bogdan Says:


      please see my update 6 to the post text. And I’m still with GoDaddy, as the service quality trend seems to be positive.

    13. Craig Smith Says:

      Im not a big fan of GD either. I have a web analytics consulting business that has terrible speeds with GD hosting. Come on GD, step it up!

      I think the domain management is great, but the performance is horrendous

    14. Marcin Says:

      I had exactly the same problem. I use Gallery 2, installed through GoDaddy’s interface. Page loads are extremely slow at worst and barely acceptable at best. I had a long email exchange with GoDaddy. After trying to imply that it is my fault for a while (“you are running CPU-hungry code, optimize your database”) they finally suggested that I can get a virtual server account and that they think my load times are reasonable. Well, now I more or less decided that I have to switch. I am willing to pay a bit more and to get a reasonable service in exchange.

    15. Bogdan Says:


      I’m now more or less satisfied with page load times of this blog and gallery2 I have here.

      However, I’m currently assembling my own server from off-the-shelf components ;) to collocate it with some ISP for about USD 20/mo :) That’s 3 times the price of Deluxe shared plan, but still a lot cheaper than VPS/VDS solutions, and I’ll have full (remote) control over server, and will be able to sell some of it if I want to. However, this adds the hassle of maintaining the server, which I’m prepared to face.

    16. Marcin Says:


      I do have to admit that you do get quite a reasonable load times. I suspect that GoDaddy either accidentally or deliberately treats different customers differently. It may be that I originally got stuck with an overcrowded server but another possibility is that I am running a strictly private page without the visibility of your blog. I wonder if GoDaddy is more accommodating to pages that are more visible like yours. :)

    17. Bogdan Says:


      might be the reason :)

      Using reverse-ip tool, it looks like the number of domains hosted on my exact “shared” server at GoDaddy has fallen from ~3700 in March 2007 to ~2700 as of July 2008.

      Also, I’m now some 3 years with GoDaddy, and it might be that long-staying customers get some “indirect” benefits.

      But still, own server is way better :), especially if you don’t have to pay for the server’s outgoing bandwidth.

    18. Andy Says:

      Thanks for the tips. I’m hosting my site with Godaddy Economy hosting. Reverse-IP says there are 3,339 domains hosted on this IP. Does upgrading to Deluxe or Premium hosting make things any better?

      I’m getting page load times between 25-30 seconds consistently for 383 KB. I am running WordPress using their Hosting Connection.

    19. Bogdan Says:


      when I tried (at 09:30 UTC), your blog was pretty fast. Actually, on the non-first front page load it was done in 4 seconds (measured by YSlow). All the other pages I tried were also below 5 seconds in loading times. (First page load was slower than those times)

      Thus, I think that 25-30 seconds might be the case in peak hours only. From my experience I know that “peak hours” do exist at GoDaddy :)

      As for Deluxe/Premium: I don’t know if moving to one of these will put you on a better server or increase some undisclosed CPU/speed quotas – you may ask the Support or some knowledgeable GoDaddy person. The main reason for me to move to Deluxe was the ability to host unlimited sites with it.

    20. Vern Says:

      I don’t think length of time with godaddy means anything. I have had 5+ linux shared hosting (currently 14) plans over the past 9 years with them. Servers are STILL extremely slow with any WordPress blogs. With static html – fast enough. Recently I checked how many others shared my IP’s – the average was 3500. I guess that’s their limit. Hell of a limit! I am experimenting with buying dedicated IPs for my sites to see what effect that has. Must make them faster. But, overall the real problem is php code from wordpress. Caching helps but STILL slow. Tried virtual hosting at godaddy and ran into so many permissions issues because they run SAFE PHP whatever that is – and I can’t cache my pages because no matter what permissions I put on my folders – the plugin (super-cache) STILL can’t write to the correct directories. Ugggh. Anyone know a super host that CAN host WordPress blogs WELL?

    21. Bogdan Says:


      I always thought that the major problem is with their MySQL servers, as my log files very often show “MySQL server has gone away during query” messages (or similar “Cannot connect to MySQL server”). So if you manage to put together some PHP script which doesn’t use MySQL, I would expect it to be pretty fast :) (an example would be switching to PHP’s built-in SQlite file-based database, but it looks like not that may programs support it at the moment).

      Please report here if you succeed with “dedicated IP” positive performance effect (which I doubt).

      As for the “super host” – I didn’t try anything else US-based except for GoDaddy. I suspect that Ukrainian hosting might be of little interest to you, so I won’t offer it.

      I found SliceHost to be potentially interesting (VPS starting at 20$/mo, sound disk/BW limits for cheap). Theoretically interesting is also (mmm… “unlimited” with an added guarantee of CPU/RAM and/or MySQL performance).

      Personally, I now have a server, which only needs to be collocated somewhere. After that, I’ll start playing with free Hosting Control Panels to choose one which will work for me. After that, I’ll be giving away free hosting accounts for about half-year of further testing. There will be separate announcement on this blog when that give-away happens. (After the free period, services provided and prices will be comparable to those of slicehost.)

    22. Karey Says:

      Hi guys,

      I’ve definitely experienced slow response specifically with pages that use PHP and access MYSQL. It doesn’t matter how involved the page is, how empty the database, or how simple of a query, the page can bog down during peak times to where it either times out completely or responds with “MySQL server has gone away.”

      After hours of calling, and going through the same thing (reps telling me my code was too complex, needed optimizing, etc.) I don’t have much of an answer. I have a dedicated IP (lookup only shows the 17-20 domains I host with that account), and it doesn’t help. They finally just recommended going to a dedicated server, but that’s a major cost upgrade.

    23. Donn Felker Says:

      @Karey – I ended up moving to for hosting. Go Daddy’s service is a _JOKE_.

    24. Steve Says:

      I’m running into similar slow problem with our company’s godaddy account. Something to note is that reverse IP may not be telling you the whole truth. You see datacenters are filled with hundreds of servers and often use technology call loadbalancers such as ones by BigIP. BigIP balancers take in all page requests on one IP address and sends it to the proper webserver and that webserver fakes its return IP address to look like the load balancer. They fake their ip so that the return information can still get back through the firewall(NAT) that most people use on their dsl/cable router. So while reverse IP gives you an idea how many websites a bigIP load balancer is handling, it doesn’t necessary mean a single webserver is running all by itself. BigIP also help with redundancy, if a webserver goes down or its being upgraded, it just reroutes the traffic. Knowing this doesn’t help our slow problem but it gives you some insight of how datacenters operate.

    25. Bogdan Says:

      Thanks for reminding that, Steve!

      Actually, I know about load-balancing (squid is often used for this purpose in the free software world), I just never stopped to think that GoDaddy might be using something like that :)

      Actually, load-balancers might not be the case. To the best of my knowledge, this approach is usually applied to a single high-traffic resource (or a group of those), but not to a thousand of minuscule-traffic sites.

      I guess the only load balancing is done at the MySQL level, by spreading users’ databases across many (telling by IPs – real many) separate MySQL servers.

      A single quad-core quad-cpu server with 8-128GiB RAM can easily handle a few thousand low-traffic web-sites without any load balancing. Of course, if all the low-traffic sites have the same peak hours, then all the sites will be slow in peak hours.

      Anyway, my shared hosting account has expired about 3 weeks ago; I’ve overgrown shared hosting and jumped to a personal collocated server. Managing it requires some skills, and it costs noticeably more than shared hosting, but I’m satisfied so far.

      Actually, I’m providing hosting services now off my server, but those are mostly of interest to Ukraine-based customers.

    26. Bogdan Says:

      I guess “actually” has become my junk word…

    27. Karey Says:

      Hi guys,

      After my above post, I took the jump and moved all my clients website from Go Daddy’s Hosting to Most of them involved PHP and MYSQL. The response time improved hugely. It was well worth the move – my clients are so much happier. There is no reason to sit and wait for pages to load.

      I didn’t really want to leave Go Daddy, so I called support 4 or 5 times, talking to supervisors, etc. They all wanted to blame my webpages for “too much going on”, even when I explained that the same EXACT page on a different host responded 10 x as fast. There was nothing left to do. They wanted to help me but couldn’t, and I couldn’t put up with the slow response times. So I switched. Took me a few weeks to get everything in order, but I’m glad I did.

      Hope this helps some.

    28. Steve Says:

      That’s a good point Bogdan, I’m just speculating on their network. When you use the domaintool site it gave 3,000+ sites on my server which to me seems ridiculously high. I found another tool at which even lists the other domains. It gave a more believable number of 600 for my domain. So it kinda looks like domaintool which charges for those results may be inflating those number a bit to maybe make a little extra. Or maybe this other tool just doesn’t have a complete list. Its hard to tell. Anyone know someone that works at GoDaddy?

    29. Bogdan Says:


      I’ve added that tool to the post – for the sake of completeness :)

    30. naysh Says:

      Everyone knows go-daddy shared hosting is not suitable for high traffic websites. Even if your site is not high traffic and you are unlucky to share the same server as a super-high traffic website you will still have problems.

    31. chris hemsworth Says:

      I have a friend I’m helping out and his Joomla page is super slow. This prompted me to do a google search for Godaddy Hosting Slow and I found this blog. When you mentioned 2500 sites on a server, my eyes popped. My guys at Hostgator only have about 300 max sites per server.

    32. Energy Drink Says:

      We are on godaddy. Even though I love how fast the servers run, I think they put some caps on MySQL memory, because I have 1 query that has several sub queries that is running very slow. Hopefully a little optimization will fix this problem. But if not I may have to move my hosting. I used to be with HostMySite but they now charge $20 / month for shared .net windows hosting.

    33. Bogdan Says:

      As for MySQL – try rewriting without sub-queries at all; you could create an extra table or two for (indexed!) primary key mappings, that should be faster than sub-queries. Or try using more JOINs and conditionals. And – if possible – add some caching layer for data which isn’t modified that often. As a simplest MySQL caching method – create a table of type Memory (or what is the name of it – I mean in-RAM tables), populate it with your complicated sub-queries, then just select from the Memory table (that will be fast!), re-populating it once in a while. If you are still following, then I guess you don’t need any further advice :)

    34. James Says:

      Thanks for all the info! I am using a php/mysql intensive joomla site and godaddy is killing me. I thought it was just all the crap I had on my site, but then the response time started getting up around 20 seconds, so I did a search and found you. And your page loaded quickly by the way. I searched and found a new host, They specialize in php mysql sites. Just wanted to say thanks for the info!

    35. Thai Says:

      I agree. Godaddy is slow when it comes to pages with PHP and lots of image manipulation. I host a a site on it using drupal and it’s just painstakingly slow. Moved over to and it’s blazing fast. I used to get errors generating images cache or the image would take minutes to load. Just to navigate through the admin section took excruciatingly long. Now, everything pops. Also, the IP I had with godaddy had over 3000+ hosts while the one I have is only 500+. Also, it uses cPanel, which I’m really digging. Godaddy custom interface is just way too clunky and overloaded. I wouldn’t go back with Godaddy since they also aren’t the cheapest web hosting company, nor the fastest, anymore.

    36. getmobiletech Says:

      @ Steve doesn’t have any of my 14 sites listed on it. I have a shared hosting plan with unlimited sub directory from godaddy. The PHP / MySQL (Joomla, WordPress, etc)Pages are the only pages that have problems loading. Standard HTML files load fairly quickly.

      I am 1 year into a 3 year plan. I doubt I rewnew. I was happy at first, but it just keeps getting worse. I also called godaddy and they gave me the “it’s not them, it’s me.” I have tried a number of different things with no measurable results. During Peak 7-10 CST hours there are times I’m not even able to pull my site up.

      It’s very frustrating.

    37. Rio Says:

      I’ve been having just recent problems with my WordPress/PHP site hosted with them (economy shared hosting plan). Some of the Ad Banners aren’t loading – only for some end-users – but there seems to be no other explanation then slow loading time.

      This may be a combination of end use and hosting/server performance – and then PHP download timing out.

      According to my site take over 2 – 10 seconds to load at an average of 5-15K/second. This is way slower than any other competitor/site I could think of testing.

      After being on the phone with them they suggested switching to a dedicated IP (for $3/month), but I’m not very confident it will make a difference… Might be time to make a change.

    38. Dave Says:

      Hi all. I have been having the MYSQL/PHP issues described herein with goDaddy. And the same story from support. They even went as far as telling me that there is a problem with their server. And they were working on it, but in the meantime…

      Max 10 second load times/average 3-6 seconds. I want blazing fast load times. I have no IT/Server Management experience. I’m hosted on a Windows Server, which many say might be a part of my problem. I just reverse IP’d my site. Get this: it come backs with 4,681 domains hosted on the server?

      Is that possible? Moving this website will be painful, but perhaps not as painful as it was to set it up on GoDaddy Windows server in the first place.

    39. Mia Says:

      We have used GoDaddy hosting for some time. Until recently we have had no issues with them. The last couple months we have noticed a degradation of the service. The weekly reports we get back show our performance in the red. We have been told to call support and ask GoDaddy to move us off one server to another; should not be a problem. The guy we talked to at GoDaddy could not have been more unprofessional…going as far as to even yell at us over the phone for making such a request.

      I see some good places to start on past posts…we are looking for hosting referrals to get off the GoDaddy hosting…please post here or email me directly. Thanks.

    40. tallreed Says:

      GoDaddy has something severely wrong with its MySQL databases. Check out the following WordPress thread and my experience. (WordPress uses MySQL.)

      I went to Bluehost and the problems were gone. One good thing about Bluehost is you pay for a year upfront but you can cancel at any time and get money back for the unused portion. This is an incentive to provide excellent service. Whoever you go to make sure you are not locked in … like you are when you use GoDaddy.

    41. Bright Says:

      If you ‘re consider to use GoDADDY , Please reconsider..
      I use Godaddy for a while and wanted really to switch but just thought it could have been a mess.
      But now I’m sure I have to move to somewhere. Because Godaddy is too slow and when opening the page, I have to refresh several times.

      Godaddy has been a lot of problem for many years but they NEVER CHANGE.
      look at this thread, it’s been for many years people complaining.

      Godaddy is not reliable. If you really do the business and your customers can’t open the page because of the hosting.. Think twice.

    42. Unfocused Says:

      I am too hosting a few sites with GoDaddy deluxe account. They all very slow and i am very dissatisfied with this hosting package.
      As for my sites, the real problem is when the page loaded using mysql queries. Many times i get timeouts. On the other hand, a friend of mine using godaddy too does not suffer from these issues and his sites runs well (we are not on the same server). I guess it’s a matter of time until his server will get over-loaded as well.

    43. Keith Says:

      6870 domains on my server with GoDaddy. My clients site is net to useless. They are telling me it’s my site, funny thing is I use he same framework for other clients on other webhosts and those sites run fine.

      You get what you pay for. Funny thing is my client refuses to move, spend the 4 to 5 dollars a month extra for a site that WORKS!

    44. Grant B Says:

      Currently, my godaddy server is down. Seems like it’s happening more and more. I’ve mostly been happy with them, but they seem expensive for what they provide. Additionally, I get constant emails about having to update applications. I go to update the applications on my site and they timeout and have caused a few data losses.
      Any suggestions for other ‘reliable’ hosts? I host mp3′s and video’s, so load time (and upload time, since my ftp server seems to timeout 2 out of 5 times) are important.

    45. Joyful Boy Says:

      Please, can some experienced guy recommend me a shared server that is not as overloaded as godaddy (my clients complain about server timeouts producing blank pages on their sites). Presently they pay $56.88 VAT excluded for Hosting – Shared – Economy – Linux – 1 year. Or maybe choosing a more expensive plan will result in better performance? However, I like goddady’s account manager and all the administration stuff as they have made it, but 5-6000 hosts on a single server is quite a lot…

    46. Kyle Says:

      I run a stock footage website that sells downloadable content using Joomla/Virtuemart with PHP/MYSQL and WordPress Blog. The site has a huge database of thumbnails and flv previews. I am on Godaddy linux shared hosting with their unlimited plan. Everything has been fine and I have been using them for approximately 5 years. Some of my file sizes for the downloadable content average between 1-2 GB. In the last month or so I have noticed very slow download times. I rarely have site loading problems. I have a 50mb download connection but recently its my download speeds from them average a few KB. My customers have also started complaining. Found this site through Google and figured out my answer.

      DomainTools shows with the Reverse IP Lookup Results—6,776 domains hosted on IP address

      Yikes! Wondering if I should even bother trying to contact customer service or just switch altogether? Thanks to the original poster of this article. It was very helpful.

    47. Eric Says:


      I checked out your site. If you find your new solution – would you mind letting us know what you discovered?

      I agree – Thanks to the original poster!

    48. mywikistep Says:

      I ‘ve had the same problems recently.
      I have sent several mails and got kind of misleading answers until now.
      Slow response and every 5-10 minutes my site,, does not load.
      I hope this will be resolved or I ‘ll ask for my money back.

    49. John Says:

      My laptop review site with them is erratic. One minute the page is there in a flash, including inefficient PHP/MYSQL code/queries. 5 minutes later and a regular html page will time-out.

      But at $6 a month I kind of expect problems. What annoys me is the ar**-ho** customer service who try to make out it is somehow my fault or that of some remote router in another part of the world.

      Waiting until it is financially viable to upgrade.

    50. Keith Brown Says:

      I have spent hundreds of hours over the last year building up wordpress blogs to make a part time income. Lately one site has been running slower and slower and slower, so I checked a reverse IP lookup on my Godaddy wordpress hosting plan and there are over 8,000 other websites sharing my same IP. Wow!
      Reverse IP Lookup Results—8,218 domains hosted on IP address
      You can’t get away with treating people like this anymore, hearding our websites in cramped stalls like cattle. I really don’t want to be frustrated with this kinds of problems with Godaddy. Just limit the shared blocks to 500-1000, and let us get on our merry way.
      You really think it’s worth it to continue hosting 8,000+ websites on a single block, then hiring hundreds of people to monitor negative brand mentions? Just fix the problem, and watch your revenue increase for many years to come.
      Tags: Godaddy slow wordpress hosting, Godaddy shared hosting problems, Godaddy slow shared hosting, Avoid GoGaddy WordPress Hosting, GoDaddy Hosting Problems

    51. James Says:

      Same problem here. Godaddy is trash. I spent 200 dollar with them and that’s what I got:
      Service Temporarily Unavailable
      The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.
      Here is my site:
      The page took 20 s to load and now the whole site is down. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    52. MYWIKISTEP Says:

      Regarding my previous post:
      “mywikistep Says:
      April 9th, 2011 at 22:49
      I ‘ve had the same problems recently.
      I have sent several mails and got kind of misleading answers until now.
      Slow response and every 5-10 minutes my site,, does not load.
      I hope this will be resolved or I ‘ll ask for my money back.”

      I have recently noticed ( last 2 weeks ) that the problem seems to be resolved and my site is running normally – normal page load and responds.

      I hope this is it.
      So it finally works with GoDaddy hosting.

    53. Go Daddy No Go | Says:

      [...] [...]

    54. John Says:

      Godaddy is notorious for over saturating their servers. Time to move sites to another hosting company. Do you know of a good hosting company to migrate to?

    55. Bogdan Says:

      John – sorry, I don’t. I’ve seen hostgator (affiliate link) all over the internet, mostly thanks to their aggressive marketing efforts. They are also the partners of CloudFlare, which offers a free plan – maybe even their free plan will work wonders with GoDaddy :)

    56. Jay Says:

      Godaddy’s shared hositng still sucks.

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