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    Mondscheintarif (2001)

    15th February 2007

    This is an emotional and feminine movie. It’s pleasant, entertaining, and even a bit unusual. I didn’t see some clear message delivered by Mondscheintarif, but I did enjoy the movie.

    The main hero of the story is a woman. She’s an unsystematic relaxed blonde. And she falls in love with a person who’s supposedly with another woman.

    I liked the way she dreams. Imagine that you are following the plot of the story, but – suddenly – you are told that it was not really true, it was – to some extent – only dreaming. Film creators used an intuitive method to tell what’s true and what’s not. Adding the “dreams” ingredient makes the movie alive – you just believe that it was the factual story depicted.

    Mondscheintarif is light and easy. (I suppose that on average women are more likely to positively evaluate this movie as appealing.)
    I would recommend this as a one-time entertainment.


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