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    Ring of the Nibelungs (2004)

    31st October 2006

    I classified this movie as an “epic fairy tale” from the very first seconds. I even suspected that main events might be happening “nowadays”, but fortunately I had to throw away both this assumption and the “fairy tale” from the definition. Despite some drawbacks, the movie is definitely good.

    The Ring of the Nibelungs is filmed good enough to hold you within the story on the screen, and doesn’t let your attention go away from the heroes and magic of the world you see. The scent of pagan magic, and brute heroic force are just “around the corner” – and this is good, they are neither pushed into your face, nor hidden far enough to fail a guess there is one. What is really hidden – it’s love, in any form you could think about; Eric “loves” Brunnhild, and she “loves” him, but these are only words they say once… We do not have a chance to see their relations really develop, and not just “stated as being present”.

    Plot is somewhat predictable, and the beginning does seem a bit “forged”, but the more events occur, the more you want to know what’s in the end of all of this. Plot is predictable due to being schematic, sketchy; however, I prefer a sketchy plot of a movie to the soapy series or a huge loosing-the-essence, 9-hour-long story, which “Ring of the Nibelungs” is not.

    I enjoyed the movie, and consider it worth watching – especially if you liked the “Lord of the rings”, but considered it to be too long and a bit childish.


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