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    1st October 2006

    I do not know why, but I’m getting this error from time to time in my gallery… It seems to behave like a measure of entropy :-)
    To fix it when “entropy broke loose” the first time, I did some searching and found the solution in different topics of the official gallery2 forum. The text below was prepared based on forum searches and the official gallery2 FAQ.

    If you get ERROR_STORAGE_FAILURE from your Gallery2 installation, when adding new photos or creating albums, then most probably there is a problem in a mysql database with the g2_SequenceId table.

    To fix this, find the g2_SequenceId table (using any method you like – mysql command-line interface, phpMyAdmin, SQLyog etc) and list table rows.

    • If there are multiple rows – delete all the rows except the one with the largest value.
    • If there is a single row:
      1. run the query: select max(g_id) from g2_Entity;
      2. edit the one row you have in g2_SequenceId – change the value to be one larger than the maximum id reported in the query above.

    Note that the errors received previously may have left directories and files inside your g2data/albums directory that are not displayed by Gallery. To complete the cleanup from this problem the items not shown when browsing the gallery as a site admin should be removed (backup recommended before proceeding).


    3 Responses to “Gallery2 ERROR_STORAGE_FAILURE fix”

    1. Damien Says:

      I was having a similar error and it turned out that one of my log files grew too large and corrupted the mysql data_base_ for the gallery, which was on the same partition. I was getting this error in the mysql log:
      090707 10:38:04 [ERROR] /usr/libexec/mysqld: Can't open file: 'g2_CacheMap.MYI' (errno: 145)

      I was fortunately able to repair the table and the gallery worked fine.
      REPAIR TABLE g2_CacheMap;

      Hope this helps someone. I wasn’t able to find a similar error with google for the Gallery2.

    2. sujon Says:

      Damien, u are a life saver

    3. Bry Says:

      Brilliant. Solved the problem for me.

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