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    Database Backup

    22nd June 2006

    After installing WordPress, the first thing I was looking for was improving my personal WordPress experience with plugins – for extended functionality, usability, and pleasure of use :) .

    Here I will present (and regularly update) the list of plugins I looked at and installed.

    The first plugin I installed is WordPress Database Backup – we all know, how painful can the data loss be. Installation is easy (copy-activate), and on-demand database backup is immediately available in Manage -> Backup menu. Plugin automatically pre-selects all default database tables, and allows you to select any other tables you happen to have in your database – these can be, for example, tables of your WordPress plugins. I would recommend saving all the database tables, except if you know that there are tables not related to your blog (you can tell this usually by the table prefix – which is ‘wp_’ by default).

    After you are done with the selection of plugins, you can choose to download the backup, email it, or to store it on the server in a backup folder (plugin handles the creation of the backup folder for you).

    After pressing ‘Backup’, you will see a nice progress bar, and if you had chosen to download the backup, you will get gzipped backup file.

    Updates on other useful plugins coming soon… stay tuned :)


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