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    Posts on (mostly) Open Source Content Management Systems: how do they compare, which are good for what, and personal experience with different CMS.

    Drupal 5.0 beta-1 available since October, 31

    6th November 2006

    Well, not a news, actually, but this one seems important.

    Following the discussions, installation and administrative interface became much simpler, and thus easier for newbies. Other first-impression change is said to be the new default theme, which looks good as well.

    I will surely check this new release out very soon, but for now you can try one yourself.

    Update: beta-2 is available since November, 28, with over 160 bugs fixed.


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    Gallery2 AdSense: no module?

    1st October 2006

    If you ever need to add AdSense units to your Gallery2 installation, and find no module for this – try following the text below. I compiled it from several sources (primary Gallery2 forum), and did everything written here myself here.

    Primary source of information was this post, but I recommend that you follow instructions here.

    To add AdSense to your Gallery2 sidebar (when using the Matrix theme as a sample): Read the rest of this entry »


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    PHP-Nuke 6.0/6.5 to Drupal 4.7.x/5.x migration (conversion)

    8th September 2006

    Post last updated: April 18, 2010.

    Now there is a Drupal 6.x module available. It is in no way related to the migrate script(s) below.

    The newest script version migrates from PHP-Nuke 6.5 to Drupal 5.x.
    Download the latest version of the migration script.

    In 2002 I set up a PHPNuke-6.0 – based portal. Eventually it died due to the lack of time investments and support from collaborators. Now, when time came to revive the project, I made a search and decided to use Drupal as a base CMS for the portal.
    In order to migrate userbase from an old portal to the new Drupal-powered one, and following the topic at, I found a script and its modification.
    I used it to migrate only users, and made some cosmetic changes:

    • added options for custom phpnuke table prefixes
    • default user name is now = uname (login), not ‘temp_name’, as before
    • I replaced hard-coded links to ‘migrate.php’ with links to $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'], so that if you rename the script you don’t have any problems with that :)
    • now forum topics should not be promoted to the main page (changed 1 to 0 as hinted by Alexis)

    Finally, I would like to thank both Karthik Kumar for the original script and Alexis Bellido for the 6.0_to_4.7 modification.
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    Which CMS is better

    3rd August 2006

    When you have a new web-project just about to be started, you frequently face the problem of the CMS selection – ‘Which CMS is better’? There’s a hundred and more various CMS out there. To name just a few – PHP-Nuke, PostNuke, Mambo, Joomla, Drupal, e107, XOOPS, Nucleus, Typo3, Xaraya, YACS! (visit for much more and try for yourself).

    If you gooogle this problem, you will get loads of forums discussing topics like ‘Mambo vs Drupal’, ‘PHP-Nuke vs PostNuke’ etc. But, to be sure, this ‘source’ of information is not likely to really help you choose. What you need is a good in-depth overview of the systems.
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