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    If you wish to have a text link pointing at your web-property from the front page: this is possible.
    There are 3 ways to have your ads appear on my blog:

    1. Contact me for a fixed-term text link placement in the right sidebar.
      • Minimal duration: 1 month. Maximal duration: 1 year. Renewals are possible.
      • Payments: monthly. Depending on how relevant your web-property is to my content, expect prices upwards of $10-15/mo. If your content is really great – I might write a blog post about it; this does not cost anything, and does not add the link to the right sidebar, but your content must be truly exceptional – in my opinion :).
      • I will always review your content prior to publishing any links, and I reserve the right to both refuse initial link publishing and cancel existing link publishing if the content changes significantly.
    2. Use Google’s AdWords.
    3. (Deprecated) Use MatomySEO.