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    Back online!

    2nd October 2022

    After an extremely long time offline, this blog is alive/online again!

    There’s still a ton of maintenance work needed, but at least it’s accessible again :) .

    The blog went offline in early April 2021 – because the trusty physical server at home, built sometime before 2008 from off-the-shelf components, finally malfunctioned badly enough to not be fixable remotely over ssh.
    (Or maybe it was still fixable, but at 13+ years old I thought it’s better not to fix anymore.)

    It had previously survived (and recovered from) several hardware failures:

    • (there might have been earlier failures that I no longer remember)
    • PSU: after showing higher-than-normal deviations from standard voltages (+.3V, 5V, and 12V), the PSU died with a puff of smoke. It was replaced with a comparably cheap ATX PSU, that served fine for many more years.
    • CPU fan failure: as the CPU heatsink was rather small, even with powersave CPU mode it was still getting too hot – so I had to shut it down and wait until I was able to replace the fan.
    • OS disk: the server started with an old 320GB Seagate. When SMART data started deteriorating (unreadable/remapped sectors), I have swapped it out for a small and cheap 60GB Kingston SSD.
    • Second CPU core: that server used a rather old dual-core AMD Athlon X2. I think it was old back when it was installed :D . At some point second core (#1) was showing 100% usage, and the server would restart within some minutes after booting. I am still surprised and impressed this was fixable remotely! Maybe the issue wasn’t too bad if the server could still boot and last for a few minutes. The fix was to disable the problematic core permanently from within Linux.

    That chapter is over now.
    Will the new chapter bring more regular posting?
    Other, non-text content?…

    We’ll see :)

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    Sans Forgetica

    13th October 2018

    This is unusual enough to blog about it.

    There is a special font, called Sans Forgetica, designed to better retain the text that you read… Wow.

    I can see how this may become abused – for example, for advertising :D

    Anyway, you can download the font, and even a Chrome extension to show any text chunk in this Unforgettable font from the font’s website:

    Here’s my blog URL for you to remember, hehe :) unforgettable

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    Slow memory allocation due to Transparent Huge Pages (THP)

    6th August 2018

    Your software needs tons of RAM, and runs a bit too slow on your super-duper HPC cluster? Read this: Slow memory allocation due to Transparent Huge Pages (THP)

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    World Cup’s mysterious path to Russia: the Daily podcast episode

    8th July 2018

    …is worth a listen:’s-Mysterious-Path-to-Russia-id463650-id81720904

    The 2018 World Cup is now underway in Russia. The story of how it ended up there involves some names you might recognize: James Comey, Robert Mueller and Christopher Steele. Guest: Ken Bensinger, author of “Red Card: How the U.S. Blew the Whistle on the World’s Biggest Sports Scandal,” who has written about this story for The New York Times.

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    How to merge Windows 10 “system reserved” and Recovery partitions

    3rd September 2017

    My initial reason for merging these two partitions was the need to have two more partitions on the disk – and with 3 primary partitions already in place (system reserved, windows 10 itself, and recovery) on the MBR disk that was only possible by adding an extended partition and then adding both new partitions to it – which is not what I wanted.

    An additional reason appeared when I started researching the topic.
    Apparently, Windows 10 no longer even creates the recovery partition during installation!
    The entire WinRE is now stored on that same system reserved partition, which contains your window’s BCD!
    The recovery partitions should only be present on Windows 10 installations which were either upgrades from a previous Windows version, or (as in my case) were installed within about 6 months after Windows 10 became available.

    These instructions are also useful if you wish to increase the size of your system reserved partition – for example, if Windows 10 updates are failing because of that partition’s lack of free space.

    WARNING: changing partition tables on your hard/solid-state disk may easily result in complete data loss!
    Instructions below are provided as-is, to be used at your own risk. See full disclaimer on the About page.

    WARNING: although it is also possible to merge the system reserved partition and windows 10 partition (so that the entire Windows 10 uses only 1 primary partition), I do not (and will not) offer instructions to do so. In fact, I recommend that you don’t merge the system reserved and windows 10 partitions.

    Merging system reserved and recovery partitions, step by step.
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    Lenovo P2 vs Honor 6X: Honor wins?

    29th August 2017

    On paper, these two devices are very similar: both have 4GB RAM, both are upgradable to Android 7, both have octacore CPUs.
    It seems as if the only differences are:

    • camera: Honor has an extra low-res “depth” camera, while Lenovo doesn’t
    • frame/body: Lenovo has a metal unibody design and performed ok in the scratch/burn/bend test, while Honor has a plastic body, easy to scratch screen, and did not perform as good as Lenovo in the test
    • Lenovo has a bigger battery

    For about the same price (Lenovo P2 being a bit more expensive) one can buy a 4GB/32GB Lenovo P2 or a 4GB/64GB Honor 6X.

    After using both phones for a while, I feel that Honor is a much better value overall.
    Here’s a brief comparison, based on my use.

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    Midnight Commander: panelize or select all files newer than specified date

    3rd February 2017

    If you ever need to select lots (hundreds, thousands) of files by their modification date, and your directory contains many more files (thousands, tens of thousands), then angel_il has the answer for you:

    1. touch -d “Jun 01 00:00 2011″ /tmp/.date1
    2. enter into your BIG dir
    3. press C-x ! (External panelize)
    4. add new command like a “find . -type f \( -newer /tmp/.date1 \) -print”

    I’ve used a slightly different approach, specifying desired date right in the command line of External Panelize:

    1. enter your directory with many files
    2. press C-x ! (External Panelize)
    3. add a command like find . -type f -newermt "2017-02-01 23:55:00" -print (man find for more details)

    In both cases, the created panel will only have files matching your search condition.

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